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    The Consequences of Misdemeanors are Not Always Minor

    The Consequences of Misdemeanors are Not Always Minor

    A misdemeanor is a relatively minor crime. Compared to a felony, the direct consequences are relatively minor too. Many people don’t realize, however, that a Connecticut misdemeanor conviction can have negative consequences for your life for many years in the future.

    The most obvious consequence of a misdemeanor is having a criminal record that will follow you for life. This record can have several negative effects on your future.

    • Ineligibility for Public Benefits: If your misdemeanor involved drug or alcohol related activities, your application for federally backed student loans, grants, work assistance and welfare benefits can be negatively affected.
    • Loss of the Right to Own a Firearm: If you are convicted of any drug offense, including a misdemeanor for possession, you may not be allowed to own any type of gun.
    • Difficulty Getting a Job: Your criminal record follows you throughout the hiring process. While you are protected from discrimination, it can be difficult to prove that you didn’t get hired because of your criminal record.
    • Loss or Denial of a Professional License: That misdemeanor conviction may prevent you from obtaining a professional license for the career of your dreams. This is especially true if the crime had anything to do with your potential job performance.

    If you are charged with a misdemeanor in Connecticut or have a misdemeanor on your record, contact the Law Offices of Mark Sherman. As experienced defense attorneys we can work with you to potentially avoid a conviction. If you already have a case that was dismissed, we can work on your behalf to scrub the internet of your prior erased arrests and help prevent your past from impacting your future.