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    CT Risk of Injury Arrests and DCF Investigations are Two-Headed Monsters

    CT Risk of Injury Arrests and DCF Investigations are Two-Headed Monsters
    • Risk of Injury arrests in Connecticut trigger an automatic DCF Investigation.
    • Stamford, Darien, and Greenwich Police can add felony Risk of Injury to a Minor charges – even if no minors are actually at risk.
    • If you are arrested for Risk of Injury to a Minor in Connecticut, you will have to fight your court case at the same time as you fight your separate DCF investigation.
    • Talk to any of the best Connecticut Risk of Injury / DCF lawyers who understand how to fight your criminal court case, while working to get DCF out of your life as quickly as possible.

    What is the Definition of Risk of Injury to a Minor / CGS 53-21 in CT?

    Greenwich and Stamford police can add a Risk of Injury to a Minor charge if there’s behavior that could potentially place a minor under sixteen years old in physical, emotional, or psychological danger. Unfortunately, this leaves a ton of discretion for officers to tack on a hefty felony charge – even if no children were in harm’s way.

    Any top Stamford and Norwalk criminal lawyers see Risk of Injury / 53-21 often added on to domestic violence / disorderly conduct charges. So, if two parents are arguing and using profanity in front of kids – with or without physical violence – they can be arrested for Disorderly Conduct, and the police will often add on felony Risk of Injury. Many of the best Connecticut criminal defense attorneys lawyers also see felony Risk of Injury added on when people are arrested for shoplifting / Larceny 6 and have their child in the cart – even if the child is too young to know what’s going on!

    Is Risk of Injury a Felony Charge in Connecticut?

    Yes. A Connecticut Risk of Injury charge is a class C Felony, which puts you at risk of substantial jail time and probation if you are convicted. What’s worse is that the Risk of Injury to a Minor / 53-21 charge is almost always more serious than the underlying charge!

    The bad news is that many prosecutors in Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, and Danbury Courts take felony Risk of Injury charges seriously, regardless of whether your child was actually at risk. The good news is that top CT Risk of Injury / 53-21 lawyers can fight your arrest and – if it’s your first arrest – can file a motion to suspend prosecution and get your case closed as soon as possible.

    How does a Connecticut DCF Investigation Start?

    What the police officers don’t always mention is that after they arrest someone for Risk of Injury to a Minor / 53-21, they have no choice but to make a report to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, or DCF.

    Once DCF gets the referral, an investigation will automatically be opened, no matter what the allegation. Then, a DCF worker will contact you within a couple of business days or – if the allegations are especially serious – within a few hours.

    Why is Connecticut DCF at my Front Door?

    In most cases, DCF will simply show up at your door, with no phone call to warn you. The worker will want to talk to you and each family member, and inspect your home. For more information about the DCF Investigation Process, click here.

    Having DCF involved in your life is a huge burden and, while DCF may be well intentioned, investigations often cause more stress and come with a negative social stigma, especially in close-knit Fairfield County communities. Luckily, an experienced DCF Investigation lawyer / firm can guide you through the DCF process and work to get their case closed as soon as possible.

    How Do I Handle Both my Connecticut DCF Investigation and My Risk of Injury Court Case?

    If handling a Connecticut DCF Investigation and a Risk of Injury to a Minor criminal court case at the same time sounds daunting, that’s because it is. Besides juggling hearing dates and appointments to get your court case resolved, you and all of your family members will have to meet with DCF workers and provide them with information in order to get that case closed.

    In order to get you through both cases, your Connecticut Risk of Injury lawyer / DCF attorney must be well-versed in both processes and thoroughly understand how to protect all of your rights.

    Get in Touch with a Connecticut Risk of Injury / DCF Defense Attorney Today

    If you’re facing a Risk of Injury to a Minor / 53-21 arrest in Connecticut, which will soon be followed by a CT Department of Children and Families Investigation, do not go in alone. Contact one of the DCF / Risk of Injury lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. The felony Risk of Injury Charge, coupled with the threat of DCF remaining in your life for an extended period of time, require the experience of attorneys who know how to efficiently and effectively handle both cases. To check out hundreds of reviews from former clients who’ve been through situations just like yours, click here. We are available at (203) 358-4700, any time, any day of the week.