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    Don’t Gamble with your Future—Getting Your Mohegan Sun Breach of Peace Arrest Dismissed in Norwich Superior Court

    Don’t Gamble with your Future—Getting Your Mohegan Sun Breach of Peace Arrest Dismissed in Norwich Superior Court

    It’s a fun but risky combo—drinking, gambling, bars, and concerts with general admission mosh pits. No matter what your vice is, the Mohegan Sun Casino has been offering up a good time for millions of patrons for years. But once in a while, a fun night can get a little out of control and you can find yourself arrested by the Tribal Police at Mohegan Sun for Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct, Assault, or Narcotics Possession and ordered to Norwich Superior Court to face your charges. And as any of the best Norwich Connecticut Mohegan Sun criminal lawyers and attorneys would tell you, these cases must be taken seriously, as they are usually misdemeanor or felony charges that, if not handled properly, can end up on your record permanently.

    So what are the odds of getting your Mohegan Sun arrest dismissed? Much better than those at the craps table…

    Pequot Tribal Police Now Have Connecticut Arrest Power at Mohegan Sun

    While Mohegan Sun still exercises some sovereign legal rights of its own on its reservation (ie. taxes, tribal governance, etc.), its Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Police Department has been granted police authority by the State of the Connecticut. The best Norwich Connecticut criminal law firms know that once your Mohegan Sun arrest for Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct or domestic violence gets to Norwich Court, the prosecution is then managed by the Connecticut State’s Attorney’s office. These prosecutors are typically mindful that Mohegan Sun patrons come to the casino to relax, burn steam and enjoy themselves, but they enforce the limits of the law and look unfavorably on people coming into their jurisdiction and partying too hard with narcotics, or engaging in violent fights and assaults (click here for more on the Mohegan Sun criminal court process). The Tribal Police consists of 20 sworn officers who enforce Connecticut and Tribal laws, and will refer you to either the Norwich or New London Superior Courts, depending on the severity of the charges against you.

    (***Note that if you’ve been arrested at Foxwoods Casino: The best Foxwoods criminal lawyers can explain that Foxwoods arrests report to New London Superior Court instead of Superior Court at Norwich Connecticut. While the same laws and codes of conduct typically apply to both casinos, you can read more about Foxwoods Casino arrests by following this link).

    Do I Need a Lawyer for a Mohegan Sun Arrest for Breach of Peace or Disorderly Conduct?

    Absolutely. A Breach of Peace arrest at Mohegan Sun is a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to 6 months in jail. As the best Connecticut criminal law firms understand, Breach of Peace is not a petty misdemeanor like Disorderly Conduct or a Creating a Public Disturbance infraction (which is not even a crime). For some reason (which will usually be further explained in your police reports which get sent to the prosecutors at Norwich Superior Court), the police thought you should be arrested at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut for the more serious misdemeanor of Breach of Peace in the Second Degree under CGS 53a-181. With that in mind, it’s helpful to hire a top Norwich Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney in advance of your court date, so they can obtain a copy of the police reports in advance of your first court date. With that info in hand, sometimes your top Mohegan Sun criminal lawyer can gather witness statements, surveillance evidence, and other materials to persuade the prosecutors at that first court date to drop your Mohegan Sun arrest, or at least you control the narrative of the case from the outset.

    Whatever You Do, Don’t Plead Guilty to a Breach of Peace Charge at Mohegan Sun

    One important thing to remember during this court process: you may get an offer from the court or prosecutors to enter a guilty plea to Breach of Peace Second Degree under CGS 53a-181 in exchange for a small fine and no probation. This may seem like a quick, easy and fair resolution of your case, especially if you’ve had to take a day off of work and have had to travel from far away to attend your court date and don’t want to go back to Norwich. But as many of the best Connecticut criminal lawyers who defend Mohegan Sun arrests will tell you, it’s not always the best disposition. You should always do everything you can to avoid having a criminal conviction record—even it’s for a Breach of Peace. The conviction will come up on every background check during job searches and insurance applications. So keep those consequences in mind if you are arrested for Breach of Peace at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods casinos.

    Contact a Mohegan Sun Arrest Connecticut Criminal Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

    Don’t gamble with your reputation. If you’ve been arrested for Breach of Peace – Second Degree at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut (or at Foxwoods), contact one of the Mark Sherman Law criminal lawyers before going into court alone and trying to resolve the case on your own. Once you try to negotiate the case yourself, the prosecutors will notate the file and then it will be much more time-consuming and costly for a Norwich criminal lawyer to re-negotiate your offer. Check out our Avvo-certified online reviews from prior clients, and then give us a call to set up a consultation at (203) 358-4700.