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    Fighting Connecticut Boarding School Arrests & Expulsion Hearings

    Fighting Connecticut Boarding School Arrests & Expulsion Hearings
    • School discipline and expulsion proceedings at Connecticut boarding schools can vary from school to school.
    • Expulsion hearings at Connecticut boarding schools are governed by student handbooks.
    • Getting a lawyer involved can put the additional pressure on the boarding school you need to keep your student in school.
    • Boarding school students with certain learning disabilities are protected by the ADA.
    • If your child is facing expulsion at Choate, Gunnery, Miss Porters, Taft, Loomis Chafee, or Avon Farms, call a top Connecticut boarding school lawyer today.

    Does My Child Need a Lawyer for a Boarding School Expulsion Hearing? Check the Student Handbook 

    Finding out your child is facing school discipline / expulsion proceedings for cheating, plagiarism, drugs, drinking, fighting, or rape at a Connecticut boarding school is not only upsetting for the parent, but can also jeopardize your child’s future if the expulsion is noted on their transcript.

    As soon as you’re notified that your child is facing expulsion or discipline at a Connecticut boarding school like Choate, Gunnery, Taft, Loomis Chafee or Avon Farms, check the student handbook to fully understand your rights and the discipline process. Do you have a right to a lawyer? A school advisor? Can you present witnesses or written evidence? Can you appeal? Click here to learn more about fighting school expulsion hearings.

    What Will Show Up on My Child’s Boarding School Academic Transcript?

    Parents ask this question all the time: if my child is suspended, expelled or put on probation, will it show up on their permanent academic transcript for colleges to see?

    While the answer is usually yes, it does not have to if your top Connecticut school discipline lawyer can negotiate the erasure of the discipline during your child’s senior year. In many cases, these boarding schools will try to pressure you to voluntarily withdraw your child before the discipline is imposed, but don’t be so quick to do this. You have options. You have rights. And there’s always a chance you can keep your child in school and keep their transcript clean.

    American Disabilities Act Defenses to Connecticut School Discipline Proceedings

    One key defense to Connecticut boarding school expulsion and discipline proceedings is disability discrimination under the American with Disabilities Act (called the “ADA”). Too many of these boarding schools completely disregard a student’s disability rights, especially for those students diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, addiction and other mental health disorders.

    Connecticut boarding schools—all of them—must make accommodations to the students, even during the school discipline process. So if your child has a mental health diagnosis and is facing expulsion at Choate, Gunnery, Taft, Loomis Chafee, Avon Farms or any other boarding school, call a top Connecticut boarding school student rights lawyer attorney today.

    Can I Appeal an Expulsion Decision at a Connecticut Boarding School?

    Yes. Your student handbook will lay out the various grounds for filing an appeal, which usually includes new evidence, failure to follow process, or inherent unfairness or bias. Talk to any of the best Connecticut school discipline lawyers to determine your best appeal strategy.

    Call a Connecticut Boarding School Discipline Hearing Lawyer Today

    The Mark Sherman Law Firm offers a team of experienced team of school discipline lawyers who have taken on the best boarding schools in not only Connecticut, but the country. We have accompanied and counseled Connecticut boarding school students and their families through the expulsion hearing process, and the appeal process, with successful results.

    You can read certified reviews from our prior boarding school family clients, and then call us for a consultation. Speak to us before your Connecticut boarding school expulsion hearing. Call us at (203) 358-4700 to schedule a consultation.