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    Fighting Connecticut Embezzlement Investigations & Charges

    Fighting Connecticut Embezzlement Investigations & Charges
    • Connecticut embezzlement cases usually start with a phone call from financial crime detectives.
    • Stamford & Greenwich Connecticut property crimes detectives regularly prosecute larceny by embezzlement cases.
    • A top Connecticut embezzlement lawyer may be able to convert a criminal investigation to a civil matter.
    • Criminal intent is required to bring an embezzlement case.
    • So if you are being investigated or arrested in Connecticut for embezzlement, call a top Connecticut criminal defense lawyer before talking to police.

    What Is Embezzlement in Connecticut?

    Embezzlement is the intentional and unauthorized taking of money by an individual from an employer. It’s also known as larceny. The employer could be a company or an individual. Typically property crimes detectives from city police departments investigate embezzlement accusations, but if the amount of stolen money is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the FBI will investigate and prosecute you in Connecticut federal court.

    Accused of Embezzlement in Connecticut? Don’t Talk to Police Without a Lawyer

    If you get a phone call or a visit from financial crimes detectives in Stamford, Greenwich or anywhere in Connecticut, do not sit down with them alone. Embezzlement investigations for Larceny First Degree CGS 53a-122 (for stealing over $20,000) will take months to complete, so police are not going to arrest you at your first interview. They are trying to get you to confess or make certain admissions that they can include in an arrest warrant application.

    Do NOT talk to financial crimes detectives without a lawyer present. Be polite. Take their business card. And tell them your top Connecticut embezzlement lawyer will contact them to let them know if you will sit for an interview.

    Do I Need a Lawyer for an Embezzlement Investigation or Will My Company’s Lawyers Protect Me?

    You need your own lawyer.

    Your employer’s lawyers are looking out for the company, not you. If they suspect you are stealing from them, they will quickly turn you into the police. They will monitor your emails and computer activity. They will also keep track of you through video surveillance. Sometimes all of this digital surveillance evidence can vindicate you and help prove your innocence so be sure to talk with your lawyer about filing motions to preserve evidence.

    Conspiracy Charges Are Common in Connecticut Embezzlement Cases

    Top federal embezzlement criminal lawyers frequently see conspiracy charges in Connecticut state and federal embezzlement cases. That’s because it often takes more than one person to successfully steal a lot of money from a company. Conspiracy under CGS 53a-48 is when two or more people plan and engage in conduct that furthers a crime like embezzlement. Conspiracy to commit larceny embezzlement can be as little as a bank teller telling someone the security code for the bank vault. Click here for more on fighting Connecticut conspiracy arrests.

    Most Connecticut Embezzlement Cases Rely On Corporate Security Investigations

    Connecticut property and financial crimes detectives often rely on investigative work done by in-house fraud investigators. While many of these in-house investigators are former law enforcement, others are not as experienced and skilled, often leading to critical mistakes in bank and fraud investigations. Some of the best Connecticut criminal larceny embezzlement lawyers and attorneys have seen embezzlement charges dropped after poking major holes in a flawed in-house investigation.

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