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    Fighting Your Quinnipiac University Arrest & Protecting Your Transcript

    Fighting Your Quinnipiac University Arrest & Protecting Your Transcript

    I’ve seen this same movie time and time again over the past 15 years. Kids getting arrested at Quinnipiac University and on other Connecticut college campuses. Too afraid to tell their parents. Then miserably handling the criminal court case and school discipline process on their own, causing irreparable damage to their permanent records and transcripts.

    Don’t even think about making the same mistake…

    Arrested or Accused of a Crime at Quinnipiac? Get a Lawyer…Yesterday!

    As some of the best Hamden and New Haven Connecticut criminal lawyers who regularly fight Quinnipiac University arrests are noticing, there’s an increasing trend to arrest, suspend and expel students who get arrested on campuses like Quinnipiac University. Colleges across the country aren’t taking any chances and there seems to be a presumption of guilt, not innocence in college investigations, especially when drugs and accusations of rape and sex assault are involved. And not only do the investigations involve Quinnipiac Public Safety, the Hamden Police, and Meriden Superior Court, but a separate Quinnipiac expulsion or Title 9 school disciplinary process can be triggered, which can affect your college transcript, enrollment at school and your future employment prospects.

    So how is a 19-year-old Quinnipiac college kid—considered an adult in Quinnipiac’s eyes—supposed to manage all of these moving parts? For starters, consulting a top Quinnipiac University criminal school discipline lawyer is usually recommended.

    When Accusations are Serious, Don’t Talk to Quinnipiac Deans or Public Safety Officers without First Talking to a Lawyer

    As the best Quinnipiac criminal lawyers & attorneys in New Haven and Meriden Connecticut know, all of the Quinnipiac University Public Safety officers have the right to detain and question you. They don’t have arrest authority but they can quickly bring in Hamden and New Haven police to execute search warrants, arrest warrants and on-scene arrests. When a campus rape or sex assault case is being investigated at Quinnipiac, you should know that everything you say to any Quinnipiac agent or safety officer is “on the record,” even if they promise otherwise. But know this…you always have the right to speak with a top New Haven or Meriden Connecticut criminal lawyer before a Quinnipiac interview, so muster the strength and confidence to politely tell the school that you will reschedule the interview with the Dean or Public Safety at a later date so you can speak with a lawyer. Especially if you have been accused or arrested for sex assault or rape on any of the Quinnipiac campuses in Connecticut (such as the Mount Carmel, York Hill or the North Haven campuses).

    Quinnipiac University by the Numbers

    Among all its campuses, Quinnipiac University has nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students, any of whom can quickly find themselves arrested at Quinnipiac for DWI / DUI, Brach of Peace, Possession of Marijuana, Disorderly Conduct, Fake ID possession, or Sexual Assault. Some of these charges are common to any college campus, and trigger a dual disciplinary process—in criminal court and within the school discipline process. Consulting any of the top Quinnipiac University education and criminal lawyers in Connecticut prior to making a deal with the court or the school can help you protect your future employment and grad school prospects, such as being permanently branded with a criminal conviction record (even for a guilty plea by mail to possession of marijuana), or getting stuck with a discipline (suspension or expulsion) note on your transcript which also has long-lasting implications. So be sure to fully understand anything the court or Dean’s office asks you to sign or plead guilty to.

    Quinnipiac Marijuana Possession Arrests & Alcohol Possession Tickets

    Many of the top Quinnipiac University criminal law firms typically see Quinnipiac students receive tickets and summonses for Possession of Marijuana or Paraphernalia under C.G.S. § 21a-279a. The Hamden police will tell you it’s no big deal—just pay the fine because it’s not a crime anymore. Terrible advice!

    You see, a guilty plea by mail in Connecticut to Possession of Marijuana will stay on your criminal record as an infraction / violation for at least 7 years, showing up on every employment background check while you’re in your 20s, possibly impacting an employer’s decision to hire you. The guilty plea by mail can also trigger a driver’s license suspension, leading to points on your DMV record and a significant increase in your auto insurance premiums. So if you’ve already pled guilty by mail to a Connecticut possession of marijuana ticket, click here to learn how you can reverse your guilty plea and possibly get your ticket ripped up.

    Quinnipiac University Arrests for Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct & Fake IDs

    No matter where you go to college, all college students inevitably find themselves at a bar, club, fraternity party or house party. That’s when you’re at the most risk of getting arrested at Quinnipiac for Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace Second Degree or Forgery / Possession of Fake ID. What’s most surprising to many of the top Quinnipiac criminal lawyers in Hamden and New Haven is how police continue to arrest Quinnipiac students for felony forgery charges for merely having a fake ID in their wallet (even when they don’t show the Fake ID to a bouncer or police officer). Technically, mere possession of an altered or fake government document is a felony, but police have recently been using discretion to reduce the felony forgery crime to a misdemeanor when the case involves college students and Fake IDs.

    Contact a Quinnipiac Hamden Connecticut Criminal Arrest Lawyer Today

    The team of criminal and school discipline lawyers at Mark Sherman Law regularly assist Quinnipiac, Yale, UConn, Southern and Fairfield University students and families with the most serious (and not-so-serious) arrests and school discipline / expulsion matters. The Firm is focused on one objective: results. Our certified client reviews speak for themselves so check them out, and give us a call. You can reach us 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.