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    Got a Cell Phone Ticket in Stamford or Greenwich? Here’s How to Beat It…

    Got a Cell Phone Ticket in Stamford or Greenwich? Here’s How to Beat It…
    • April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
    • Stamford, Greenwich & Darien Police are ramping up cell phone ticket enforcement as part of the campaign.
    • What police don’t realize is that cell phone prosecutions have changed with a recent Connecticut Supreme Court case that favors drivers.
    • It’s no longer against the law to have your cell phone in hand—it generally has to be against your ear.
    • So if you’ve received a CGS 14-296aa Cell Phone violation ticket, call a top Connecticut cell phone ticket lawyer today.

    Fighting Your Stamford & Greenwich Connecticut Cell Phone Tickets

    Come every April, Stamford, Greenwich and Darien Connecticut police ramp up their distracted driving awareness campaigns. Cell phone ticket sting operations are set up all around these towns—especially during rush hour. Inevitably, hundreds of Connecticut drivers are ticketed for cell phone violations and distracted driving under CGS 14-296aa.

    What Do I Say When Police Ask “Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over”?

    Make sure you do not admit using your cell phone to the police. While it’s against the law to lie to the police, you do not have to admit to violating the law. Anything you say that incriminates you can and will be documented in your police report, and later used against you in court.

    Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight My Stamford or Greenwich Cell Phone Ticket? 

    Yes. Many of the top criminal cell phone ticket lawyers in Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut are aware of last year’s “Dunbar” court decision handed down by the Connecticut Supreme Court. There, the court held that merely having a cell phone in your hand is not enough to support a conviction for Distracted Driving under CGS 14-296aa. The phone must be held to your ear. You can click here to read more about how the Dunbar cell phone decision has helped get cell phone tickets ripped up throughout the State of Connecticut.

    Should I Plead Guilty by Mail to My Connecticut Cell Phone Ticket?

    Yes, unless the police gave you a break and did not charge you with other violations or crimes. (In that case, once your not guilty plea gets to the courthouse, the prosecutors have the discretion to add charges, even criminal misdemeanor charges, such as reckless driving). That’s why it makes sense to speak to any of the best Connecticut traffic ticket attorneys / law firms prior to sending in your Connecticut cell phone ticket with a not guilty plea by mail.

    I Pled Guilty by Mail to My Connecticut Cell Phone Ticket & Got Suspended – Can I Reverse My Guilty Plea?

    Yes, under certain circumstances. Too often teenage drivers in Connecticut don’t want to tell their parents and just plead guilty by mail and pay the small fine. Little do they realize that the guilty plea can get their Connecticut driver’s license suspended, and trigger a substantial increase in their auto insurance rates. This is where it make sense to hire a top Connecticut traffic court lawyer attorney to get your Connecticut cell phone ticket guilty plea reversed and ripped up. Click here to learn more about how to reverse your Connecticut cell phone or marijuana guilty plea.

    The Mark Sherman Law Traffic Court Practice Group

    The traffic / cell phone ticket attorneys at Mark Sherman Law have a stellar track record in fighting cell phone, speeding, and marijuana infraction tickets. You can read what our former and satisfied cell phone ticket clients have to say on the certified lawyer review website.   Then give us a call today to help you get your ticket ripped up. We can be reached at (203) 358-4700.