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    Hiring a Connecticut Day Care Center Arrest Lawyer

    Hiring a Connecticut Day Care Center Arrest Lawyer
    • Connecticut’s day care centers who are investigated for child abuse need to understand their legal rights.
    • If a CT day car center owner is accused of child abuse, the owner could be arrested for Risk of Injury to a Minor.
    • A Risk of Injury arrest will trigger a Connecticut DCF Investigation and OEC action.
    • If you’re a Connecticut daycare owner who is under investigation or has been arrested for Risk of Injury, call an experienced Connecticut defense attorney.

    Connecticut Day Care Center Child Abuse Arrests Lead to OEC & DCF Cases 

    Connecticut takes childcare safety seriously and has strict rules to make sure that daycare centers are licensed and safe. The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood has a comprehensive set of regulations for all types of day care providers. Then, as a childcare provider, you’re subject to Department of Children & Families rules and regulations as someone who is entrusted to care for children. Plus, you’re subject to Connecticut’s civil and criminal laws.

    What Happens if a Child is Hurt at a Connecticut Daycare?

    In additional to potential civil lawsuits and the investigations described below, a daycare owner in Connecticut can be arrested if the actions are serious enough. The best Connecticut day care lawyers know that Connecticut Risk of Injury to a Minor / 53-21 is an incredibly broad charge. Basically, if you put any child under the age of 16 in harm’s way – even if no harm actually occurs – you can be arrested for Risk of Injury to a Minor. For more on the specifics of what is prohibited under C.G.S. § 53-21, click here.

    What are the Penalties for Connecticut Risk of Injury to a Minor?

    Risk of Injury is a serious crime in Connecticut. It’s a Class C Felony, meaning that the maximum penalty is ten years in jail, a fine of up to $10,000.00, and a period of probation. Read this article for more on how to fight Risk of Injury arrests in Connecticut.

    Will DCF Investigate me after a Risk of Injury Arrest?

    Yes. If you are a daycare owner, or if you provide childcare services, then the Connecticut Department of Children & Families will launch a full investigation into you, even if your own children were not involved. Whenever the accused person is someone entrusted to care for other children, DCF will look to substantiate allegations of abuse/neglect. Any substantiations of abuse or neglect, or placement of your name on the DCF Central Registry, will put your childcare license in danger, so be sure to speak to a DCF attorney before you speak with DCF.

    Will the OEC Take My License after a Day Care Center Owner Arrest?

    If you are a childcare provider and are arrested for Risk of Injury, you can expect DCF to let the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood know about it. OEC is likely to immediately contact you, conduct an unannounced home visit, and may order you to stop childcare services. However, an arrest is not the same as a conviction, and an experienced OEC attorney can help push back against unreasonable OEC interference.

    Call a Connecticut Day Care Center Defense Lawyer Today

    As a childcare provider, a Risk of Injury arrest – even if you’re never convicted – can be catastrophic to your reputation and your career. If you’re arrested for Risk of Injury while providing child care services, be sure to get a team of lawyers who can help you with the DCF investigation and OEC licensing action while working to get your criminal case closed. Check out our hundreds of reviews from former clients on Then call us at (203) 358-4700.