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    How Do I Get My Stamford & Norwalk Interfering with Police Officer Charges Dismissed?

    How Do I Get My Stamford & Norwalk Interfering with Police Officer Charges Dismissed?
    • Getting arrested for Interfering with an Officer in Stamford or Norwalk can happen to anyone.
    • Interfering with Police Officer is a subjective and easily charged crime.
    • If you obstruct, hinder, resist or endanger a police officer, you can get arrested for Interference under CGS 53a-167a.
    • What decides if conduct obstructs or interferes is usually up to the police officer.
    • That’s why it’s critical to have your top Stamford / Norwalk criminal lawyer preserve bodycam and video evidence if helpful.
    • If you’re arrested for Interference / Resisting Arrest in Stamford or Norwalk, call a lawyer before your first court date.

    Getting Arrested at the Bars in Stamford or Norwalk for Resisting Arrest / Interference with Officer

    The bar scenes in Stamford and Norwalk Connecticut are a blast, but many of the best criminal lawyers in Stamford and Norwalk frequently see a good time go sideways during the late night hours.

    Make no mistake—the bouncers in Stamford and Norwalk Connecticut work closely with local police. So if it’s your word against a bouncer’s, the police are likely going to arrest you for Disorderly Conduct or Breach of Peace. That’s usually when aggressive arguing, resisting or physical pushback with the police can also get you arrested in Stamford or Norwalk for Interference with Officer / Resisting Arrest under CGS 53a-167a.

    What is Interfering with Police Officer under CT Criminal Law?

    The definition of Interfering with Police Officer in CT is broad: you can’t “resist, hinder, obstruct, or endanger” any police officer or firefighter.

    Interference with Police under CGS 53a-167a is a Class A misdemeanor and a conviction / guilty plea can expose you to up to 1 year in jail.

    How Do I Fight Interfering with Officer / Resisting Arrest Charges in Stamford & Norwalk?

    There are several effective and affordable defense strategies for fighting Interference with Officer arrests in Norwalk and Stamford.

    Once your case is transferred to Norwalk or Stamford Superior Court, your top Norwalk criminal defense attorney can meet with the state’s attorney (prosecutor) and tell your side of the story, whether it be self-defense, defense of others, or a police officer who got too aggressive with you. The prosecutor then has the power to drop all charges.

    Your lawyer can also argue directly to the judge and file a motion to suspend and dismiss your case without you having to make any admission of guilt.

    For more specifics on best practices / defense strategies for fighting Interference and Resisting Arrest charges in Connecticut, follow this link.

    Preserve Bodycam Evidence If It Will Be Helpful

    As of 2018, Stamford and Norwalk police are outfitted with bodycams, meaning that Stamford and Norwalk police are required by law to record all police activity and interactions with potential suspects, especially when they are making arrests.

    While Stamford and Norwalk police are required by law to preserve this bodycam footage, it’s helpful for the best Norwalk criminal lawyers to file motions to preserve not only bodycam recordings, but any other video surveillance recordings in the area, especially from the bar, restaurant or club involved in your case.

    Isn’t Self-Defense from Aggressive Cops a Valid Defense to Interfering / Resisting Arrest?

    Yes. But the problem with certain self-defense strategies is that you sometimes have to wait until a trial to make your self-defense to Norwalk Interfering with Officer charges. And as the most experienced criminal lawyers in Norwalk and Stamford know all too well, it can be years until your case is called to trial, jamming you up with monthly court dates and pending charges on your employment background checks.

    If you have a strong self-defense argument to make, be sure to let your attorney know, as it can be explained and argued effectively during pre-trial negotiations. 

    Call a Norwalk / Stamford Interference with Police Officer Lawyer Today

    So if you’ve been arrested for Interference with Police in Norwalk or Stamford Connecticut, contact the Mark Sherman Law Firm today. We will work quickly with you to not only get your Interference / Resisting Arrest charges dropped quickly, but we also are one of the leading internet scrubbing firms in Connecticut. We will help you get your arrest report and mug shot offline, and off Google searches.

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