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    How to Fight Your Rowayton Domestic Violence Arrest – Dismissed!

    How to Fight Your Rowayton Domestic Violence Arrest – Dismissed!
    • An arrest for Disorderly Conduct in Rowayton can impact your professional and personal reputation.
    • Disorderly Conduct is a Class C Misdemeanor in Connecticut.
    • If your Rowayton Disorderly Conduct arrest is labeled as domestic violence, you’ll likely be subject to a protective order during your case.

    • If you were arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Rowayton, CT, get in touch with a top criminal defense lawyer before going to court.

    Do I Need to Appear in Court for a Rowayton Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

    Yes.  If your Disorderly Conduct arrest is considered to be domestic violence, you’ll actually have to appear in court on the very next business day.  If you’re arrested in Rowayton, then you’ll be ordered to appear in Norwalk Superior Court.  Because of COVID-19 court closures, your case may temporarily be heard in Stamford Superior Court instead of Norwalk.

    My Rowayton Disorderly Conduct Arrest was Posted Online.  What Can I Do?

    In this day and age, everything is published online, whether it’s on the Norwalk Daily Voice, Norwalk Patch or Norwalk Hour.  What’s worse is that news of your Disorderly Conduct arrest can come up in Google search results.  Fortunately, there are ways to get the articles off the Internet and to prevent them from coming up in Google results.  For more on how an Internet Scrubbing attorney can help protect your reputation, check out this post.

    Is Disorderly Conduct Considered Domestic Violence in Connecticut?

    Often, yes.  If the other person involved in the alleged altercation is your spouse, partner, ex, roommate, or close family member, then the courts will consider your case to be “domestic violence” in Connecticut.  If so, the judge will issue a protective order against you on that very first court date.  It may prevent you from returning to your own home, and may even prohibit all contact with the other person involved – even if you live together or have children together.  For more on how an attorney can help modify a protective order in Connecticut, click here.

    Do I Need an Attorney for a Disorderly Conduct Case in CT?

    Yes. Whenever you’re charged with any crime, including Disorderly Conduct / § 53a-182, you should have a top Norwalk  criminal defense lawyer by your side.  Your lawyer can review all police reports and witness statements and get the prosecutor and judge the information they need so that you can resolve your case and move on.  The best criminal defense lawyers know how a pending case – even with no conviction – can impact your job and your reputation, and will work to get your case dropped as quickly as possible.

    Protect Your Reputation & Call a Top Rowayton Disorderly Conduct Defense Lawyer Today

    If you’re arrested or given a summons for Disorderly Conduct / § 53a-182 in Rowayton, CT, don’t make the mistake of going into court alone.  Here at Mark Sherman Law, we have a team of attorneys who can protect your rights and who regularly handle Disorderly Conduct and domestic violence cases in Connecticut.  You can read what our past clients have to say.  Then, get in touch today at (203) 358-4700.