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    I Didn’t Show Up for My Connecticut Criminal Court Date. What Do I Do?

    I Didn’t Show Up for My Connecticut Criminal Court Date. What Do I Do?
    • Missing your Connecticut criminal court date can be a misdemeanor or felony.
    • If you miss your Connecticut criminal court date, you can get arrested…again.
    • Being sick, your job, or child care issues are not good enough excuses to miss court.
    • Only a CT criminal court judge can excuse your appearance from court.
    • You need to call the Connecticut Superior Court clerk’s office for permission to miss court.
    • Hire a top Connecticut criminal attorney to fight a Failure to Appear charge.

    Is It Hard to Move My Connecticut Criminal Court Date?

    Sometimes. It will depend on the timing and reasoning for your request. The criminal courts in Connecticut do not have much sympathy for requests that are not true emergencies.   That’s why it’s a good idea to hire any of the top Connecticut criminal defense lawyers and attorneys to assist you with moving your court date.

    What Happens If I Miss My Connecticut Criminal Court Date?

    As the best criminal lawyers in Stamford or Greenwich CT can explain, two things could happen. First, you could be issued a stern warning letter from the court, called a Bail Commissioner’s Letter (a “BCL”). Or worse, the court can forfeit your bond and you will be ordered re-arrested for Failure to Appear in Court under CGS 53a-173.   So not only do you lose your original bond on your original Connecticut charges, but you will have to post a new bond on your new Connecticut arrest for Failure to Appear First / Second Degree.

    My Kids are Sick. How Can I Change My Connecticut Court Date?

    If you are unable to make your court date for a Connecticut arrest, then you MUST call the Case Flow Coordinator Clerk at the Superior Court clerk’s office. The Case Flow clerk is usually the man or woman in charge of all court case scheduling. They are super-helpful and can tell you how to formally request a new court date.

    How Can I Fight a Connecticut Failure to Appear Charge?

    There are several ways to fight Connecticut charges for Failure to Appear under CGS 53a-173. As a primary matter, the police and prosecutors must be able to prove that the Failure to Appear charge was willful. That means intentional. So if you were incapacitated in the hospital, or were in jail, and couldn’t make court, then you may have a strong defense. Follow this link for more on getting your CT Failure to Appear arrest dismissed.

    When Does the Connecticut Criminal Court Grant Continuances?

    Usually for medical or family emergencies, but these continuance requests must be made in advance. The Case Flow Coordinator will consult with the presiding judge on whether or not your request may be granted. You usually cannot call the day of your scheduled court appearance and expect a continuance to be granted. Each Connecticut courthouse has different rules regarding continuance requests and it’s at the discretion of that judge to grant your request.

    If There’s a Snow Day or Bad Weather Day, Do I Have to Show Up for Connecticut Court?

    Snow days in Connecticut are the exception to the rules above. If there’s a big snowstorm coming, you can sometimes call the court the day before and get permission to have your court date moved.

    You can also check the Connecticut Judicial Website ( on a snow day to see whether the criminal courthouses are closed because of a snowstorm.

    The Mark Sherman Law Firm

    If you’ve been arrested for Failure to Appear Second Degree or First Degree, or have a warrant out for your arrest in CT for Failure to Appear, then contact any of the Connecticut criminal lawyers at the Mark Sherman Law Firm. Our online reviews speak for themselves. Our team of criminal attorneys are standing by 24/7 at (203) 358-4700 to take your call.