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    NANNY CAM UPDATE: Are they Legal in Connecticut?

    NANNY CAM UPDATE: Are they Legal in Connecticut?
    • Connecticut homeowners are installing nanny cams in their own homes now more than ever.
    • Couples going through divorces in Connecticut often use nanny cams to spy on each other.
    • Nanny cam use may be illegal depending on the placement of the camera.

    • Eavesdropping and Voyeurism are both Class D Felonies in Connecticut.
    • If you need to know whether you Nanny cam is legal, call a top Connecticut eavesdropping attorney to discus your case.

    Connecticut Divorce Lawyers Use Nanny Cams to Spy on Nannies & Cheating Spouses

    Video cameras and recording devices seem to be everywhere today, especially in high conflict Connecticut divorces. You can find them on street corners, in doorbells, on cell phones, and in nearly every store. We are constantly being recorded all day, where we know it or not. The normalcy of recording leads to a lot of people to install in home recording devices, including Nanny cams. The best Connecticut criminal lawyers get constant questions about the legality of these cameras in your own home.

    Is It Legal to Record Conversations in Connecticut?

    That depends. Connecticut is a “one party state” for in person conversations. That means as long as one party to the conversation consents to or is aware of the recording (including the recorder), the recording is legal. This means if you are part of the conversation, it is permissible. To learn more about eavesdropping crimes in Connecticut, click here.

    What If I Record Audio Conversations In My Home When I Am Not Present?

    If you are not present, and neither party consents to your listening, you could be committing Eavesdropping under Connecticut General Statute § 53a-189. Criminal Eavesdropping occurs when you overhear a conversation by any instrument, device, or equipment. This applies to listening, not recording. So even listening to a live, unrecorded feed can get you into trouble.

    What If I Film Someone In My Home When I am Not Present?

    That depends on where you place the Nanny cam device. If you place it where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy (like your living room or back yard), the recording is legal. However, if you place it in a bathroom or bedroom, you may be committing Voyeurism.

    What is Voyeurism in Connecticut?

    Connecticut General Statute § 53a-189a defines voyeurism as photographing, filming, otherwise recording another person without their knowledge and consent, while they are not in plain view, and when they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. So if you secretly place your in home security cameras anywhere where your spouse has an expectation of privacy, you could be arrested for a Class D Felony. So call any of the best Connecticut Voyeurism criminal lawyers to help you.

    Is My Husband Allowed to Use a Nanny Cam to Secretly Record Me?

    He can if it’s the family home, but not in the bathrooms or showers, where you have an expectation of privacy. Some of Connecticut best divorce lawyers like to use Nanny cam footage to prove cheating, but these records are not always admissible in divorce court.

    What are the Penalties for Voyeurism?

    Voyeurism carries up to 5 years in jail, a $5,000 fine, and up to 3 years of probation. In addition, there are significant collateral consequences to pleading guilty to a felony including losing the right to vote.

    Call a Top Connecticut Eavesdropping Lawyer Today

    If you are concerned about Voyeurism in Connecticut for use of a Nanny cam, you should consult with a top Connecticut criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible Whether you are being investigated or you are the victim of illegal recordings in Connecticut, our team of lawyers can help. See our hundreds of certified online reviews from former clients and call us today.