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    Rowayton Domestic Violence Arrests – Fight Back Now

    Rowayton Domestic Violence Arrests – Fight Back Now
    • Rowayton domestic violence arrests are common and can lead to months of court appearance and a protective order issued against you.
    • Any arrest can turn your personal and professional life upside down.

    Can I Go To Jail for Domestic Violence in Rowayton?

    Yes.  Even if you’ve been arrested for a verbal dispute in Rowayton, Connecticut, you could face jail time depending on your criminal arrest history and the allegations being made against you.  Any criminal conviction, even for a misdemeanor charge, can result in months in jail, probation and a court fine.  Discuss your case and your arrest history with an experienced attorney before going to court.

    What Qualifies as Risk of Injury to a Minor in Connecticut?

    CGS § 53-21 Risk of Injury to a Minor arrests can occur following a domestic dispute in a private home, any time a minor witnesses a crime or violent incident or is even present in the same home during a domestic dispute.  Under Connecticut statute, a minor is anyone under the age of 16.  Connecticut laws protecting minors are broad and can encompass a wide range of behavior, such as having a loud argument or physical altercation around a child.

    Is Risk of Injury to a Minor a Domestic Violence Crime in Rowayton Connecticut?

    Risk of Injury to a Minor arrests can occur following a domestic violence incident at your home, and can make defending your case more complicated and time consuming.  A majority of Risk of Injury arrests also result in intrusive and lengthy investigations by the Department of Children and Families.  Read more about defending yourself against the DCF investigation process and defending yourself against allegations of abuse here.

    What Happens in a Domestic Violence Case?

    At your arraignment you will be asked to speak with a Family Relations officer, who will interview you about your arrest.  This interview can make or break your case.  Often, we see people charged with domestic violence go into this interview unprepared, resulting in admissions of guilt and exposure to additional criminal charges.  After your interview, the judge will issue a protective order against you.  Connecticut protective orders can range in severity—some keeping you from having any contact at all with your family, including returning to your home after court.  An experienced attorney can help you modify your protective order to return home and reunify with your family.

    Contact an Experienced Rowayton Domestic Violence Attorney Today

    Call an experienced criminal attorney today if you’re facing allegations of domestic violence in Rowayton, CT.  Handling your arrest alone can keep you out of your home and away from your family for months.  Call the attorneys at Mark Sherman Law to discuss your options and click here to read certified reviews from past domestic violence clients.