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    Stalked, Extorted or Blackmailed by a Mistress or Girlfriend in Connecticut? Know Your Rights!

    Stalked, Extorted or Blackmailed by a Mistress or Girlfriend in Connecticut? Know Your Rights!

    As a criminal lawyer in Fairfield County Connecticut, I’ve seen the same jilted mistress / girlfriend movie all too many times.

    All these cheating and sugar daddy websites like and start off the same…a presumed “no strings attached” affair between an older, wealthier male and a younger, beautiful woman. At the outset, the terms are simple: man cheats with woman in exchange for him buying her and her friends nice stuff. They travel the world, stay at the best hotels, see the best shows, and enjoy the best restaurants and clubs.

    And then…most of the time…it all goes to sh*t.

    Greenwich, Darien & Westport Police Don’t Have the Time or Interest in Mistress Extortion Cases

    What happens next is all too familiar to many of the best Connecticut criminal extortion, blackmail and stalking lawyers who handle these types of cases. Eventually, the man moves on or doesn’t keep his end of the bargain. The girlfriend mistress then threatens to blow up the guy—threatens to tell his wife and children if he doesn’t pay her money. Or the man’s wife reads his text messages or Whatsapp messages and shuts the affair down.

    In either event, when someone threatens to do something to you if you don’t pay them money—that can very well be criminal. Attempted larceny by extortion. And it’s illegal, but sometimes when you go to the police station to report it, cops are hesitant to investigate or prosecute because it’s extremely hard for prosecutors to prove in court. Additionally, any arrest will necessarily have to be made public and the allegations are usually very embarrassing for the victim and his or her family.

    So what can be done?

    Since 2002, the Mark Sherman Law Firm has developed a niche in handling sugar daddy and online extortion, stalking and blackmail cases around the country. (In fact, the Firm has been featured in the Wall Street Journal for its experience and know-how).

    Get a Restraining Order Against Your Girlfriend / Mistress Trying to Extort You

    One strategy that has worked well in recent years for some of the top Greenwich, Darien and New Canaan Connecticut criminal lawyers who deal with extortion and stalking cases involving mistresses and girlfriends is to not go criminal with their complaint, but to take their case to Stamford Restraining Order court, which is civil in nature, not criminal.

    Getting a restraining order against a mistress or girlfriend in Stamford involves some legal gymnastics, but it can be done if you’re represented by any of the best Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut restraining order lawyers or attorneys. Connecticut restraining court judges have basically seen it all—threesomes, foursomes, sexting exchanges that will make you blush—so they’re not going to judge your situation personally. The judges are only interested in stopping harassment, stalking and extortion. And that’s what your top Connecticut stalking and extortion lawyer attorney can help you persuade a judge to do—to issue an order against your online girlfriend or mistress to cease and desist from attempting to extort, blackmail and harass you and your family. Follow this link for more on how to get a Connecticut restraining order.

    If the Jilted Mistress / Girlfriend Can’t Get Money Out of You, then She Usually Tries to Smear You on the Web

    The other problem that typically arises in sugar-daddy-cases-gone-wild is when the jilted mistress or girlfriend starts harassing and defaming the sugar daddies online. They post the man’s photo online on a schlock cheaters website, and then tells the whole sugar daddy story—even posting racy text messages and photographs that she has saved for a stalking and harassment scenario just like this.

    Is this defamation? Is it libel? Can you sue? Well, if it’s all true—if the texts and photos are genuine…if the cheating story she is telling online is true—then no, it’s not defamation or libel. But it can still be illegal and it still can be grounds for a civil lawsuit for infliction of emotional distress—one which the girlfriend or mistress may not be able to afford to fight, especially if your top Greenwich Connecticut libel lawyer attorney threatens to put a lien on your girlfriend’s bank account, house, or wages.

    Contact a Law Firm Experienced in Connecticut Sugar Daddy / Cheating Extortion & Stalking Cases

    While the issues are sensitive and embarrassing, the bottom line is that there’s recourse for you. There are options. You may have made the mistake of hooking up with a crazy person, but you can’t let a jilted, jealous lover, mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend ruin your life and reputation. You can’t let them stalk, harass or extort you and your family forever.

    So if you’re involved in a Connecticut case of stalking, blackmail or extortion, then give any of our Connecticut criminal lawyers a call today. Online reviews are available on the certified client review website.