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    What Happens at My First Court Date for Domestic Violence in Stamford Connecticut?

    What Happens at My First Court Date for Domestic Violence in Stamford Connecticut?
    • It can feel like 5-against-1 at your first court appearance: you versus the state’s attorney, bail commissioner, family relations officer, victim, and victim advocate.
    • Domestic violence arrests in Darien, Greenwich and Stamford Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct CGS 53a-182 all report to Stamford Superior Court on the next business morning following your arrest.
    • A hurried restraining / protective order takes place that can order you out of your home, and cut off all contact with your spouse and kids for months.
    • Conditions of release can be ordered such as random drug and alcohol testing, and mandatory GPS monitoring with an ankle bracelet.
    • Try to speak with or hire a top Stamford domestic violence criminal lawyer attorney prior to your first court appearance for a Stamford or Greenwich Disorderly Conduct arrest.

    It’s 5 against 1 at the First Court Appearance for a Connecticut Disorderly Conduct Arrest

    If you’ve been arrested for domestic violence Disorderly Conduct in Greenwich, Stamford or Darien Connecticut, you can expect to feel like it’s “5 against 1” at your first court appearance, called the “arraignment.”

    Before you even have a chance to speak to the judge, the court will first listen to recommendations from the Family Relations Officer, Prosecutor / District Attorney, Bail Commissioner, your accuser, and the domestic violence victim advocate. All 5 of these parties will have a chance to tell the judge what kind of restraining order should be imposed against you, as well as make recommendations for conditions of release such as anger management, psychiatric counseling, drug and alcohol testing, and GPS ankle bracelet monitoring.

    Make Sure You Speak Up at Your First Court Appearance Restraining Order Hearing

    This first court appearance will move quickly—often lasting only about 5 minutes. A judge will usually accept recommendations from Family Relations. This becomes a big problem if the Family Relations Officer was provided false or embellished information by your accuser. That’s when you or your top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney will need to speak up in court and argue for the least restrictive criminal protective restraining order.

    Follow this link to learn more about how to get through your first day at Stamford Court for a Disorderly Conduct arrest, and how to avoid getting a “full no contact” protective order slapped against you at your arraignment for a Greenwich or Stamford Disorderly Conduct arrest.

    If You Work in New York City, You Need to Avoid Being Ordered into AIC

    If you work at night, work long hours, or work in New York City or Westchester County, then it can be a big problem if the Stamford Court orders you into “AIC” for court-ordered anger management counseling or substance abuse counseling. These classes take place several nights a week and you must be on time, no matter where you work or what your family obligations are. Luckily, the domestic violence judges are sympathetic to scheduling issues, and will listen carefully and compassionately to your lawyer’s motion to modify an AIC order. For more on how to modify your AIC conditions or get out of AIC, click here.

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