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    What is Witness Tampering in Connecticut?

    What is Witness Tampering in Connecticut?
    • A Connecticut Witness tampering arrest is a Class C felony.
    • Witness tampering is influencing a witness to testify falsely or to withhold testimony.
    • This crime carries a maximum 10 year jail sentence.
    • First Amendment and intent defenses are frequently used to fight these charges.
    • So if you’ve been arrested for witness tampering in Connecticut, call a top CT criminal lawyer today.

    What is Witness Tampering in Connecticut?

    This is a felony crime under CGS 53a-151 that covers situations where someone induces or attempts to induce a witness to testify falsely, evade a subpoena to testify, and/or withhold testimony. If physical evidence is involved, you can also get arrested for Tampering with Evidence in Connecticut (under CGS 53a-155).

    How Serious is a Connecticut Witness Tampering Arrest?

    It’s serious. The crime of witness tampering is a Class C felony under CGS 53a-151. It carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail. It can be charged in conjunction with tampering with physical evidence or fabricating physical evidence under CGS 53a-155 if the actions implicate tangible evidence as well. Tampering with evidence is a Class D felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

    How Can You Get a Connecticut Witness Tampering Arrest Dismissed?

    Issues of general intent, specific intent, and First Amendment protections are frequently raised as defenses to Connecticut arrests for Witness Tampering under CGS 53a-151. While some of the best Connecticut criminal defense attorneys will consider applying their Witness Tampering clients for the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program, it’s very difficult to get AR for a tampering charge, as Connecticut judges will require “good cause” to be shown during the application hearing.

    Is Talking to a Victim in a Domestic Violence Case Considered Witness Tampering?

    It can be. You must fully understand the parameters of a Connecticut domestic violence protective restraining order prior to speaking to an alleged victim / accuser / complainant. Police strictly enforce these restraining orders so you must not let your emotions get the best of you in a tense family situation.

    What is Bribery in Connecticut?

    Bribery and Witness Tampering often overlap. Bribery is a crime under CGS 53a-147. Giving or offering to give money or financial consideration in exchange for favorable testimony is an example. This crime is a Class C felony and carries up to a 10-year jail sentence.

    Contact a Connecticut Witness Tampering Criminal Lawyer Today

    Connecticut witness tampering arrests carry serious consequences that can impact your life for years to come. The Mark Sherman Law Firm has successfully defended clients against Witness Tampering charges in Connecticut under CGS 53a-151. You can read some of the certified reviews from our past clients, and then give us a call. We are available 24/7 to take your call at (203) 358-4700.