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    Bridgeport Protective Order Lawyer

    Whether you are subject to a civil, criminal, or family protective order, working with a Bridgeport protective order lawyer can help you remain in compliance and advocate for your rights. Additionally, a top domestic violence attorney can help you work toward a positive outcome.

    What are the Terms of Protective Orders?

    All orders of protection vary tremendously in what they permit and what they prohibit. Some orders may only restrict certain types of conduct, such as threatening behavior. Other orders prohibit all communication and contact between the parties involved. A Bridgeport protective order lawyer could help individuals understand the terms of their orders and how to comply.

    What is a Civil Court Restraining Order in CT?

    Connecticut courts issue a restraining orders at the request of a person who believes they are in danger from another family or household member under C.G.S. §46b-15. The applicable relationships are defined in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-38a to include:

    • People recently or currently in a dating relationship
    • Parents who had a child together, even if they never lived together
    • Spouses and former spouses
    • People who currently or formerly lived together
    • People related by blood or marriage

    An individual can apply to the civil court for a restraining order against another member of their family or household if they claim they have been subjected to threats of injury or pain. Although this type of order is issued by the civil court, a violation is a serious criminal offense under C.G.S. §53a-223b.

    A person who fears harm from someone who is not a family or household member may seek a civil protection order against that person under C.G.S. §46b-16a if the person requesting the order has been subjected to sexual assault, sexual abuse, or stalking. A Bridgeport protective order lawyer may be able to negotiate less burdensome terms in a restraining or protection order if action is taken quickly.

    What is a Criminal Protective Order in Bridgeport, Connecticut?

    The main difference between a civil restraining order and a criminal protective order in Connecticut is the origination of the order. Courts issue criminal protective orders as a routine measure when one family or household member has accused another of a domestic violence crime and police have filed charges, under C.G.S. §54-1k.

    In most situations, the order remains in effect only while the case is proceeding. However, the court can impose a standing criminal protective order of longer duration under certain circumstances pursuant to C.G.S. §53a-40e.

    Contact a Bridgeport Protective Order Attorney

    If you are subject to a protective order, it is essential to understand how to comply with the terms of whatever protective order is in place to avoid violation. A Bridgeport protective order lawyer could explain terms or defend against charges of a violation. For a consultation to learn how a defense attorney could help in your situation, call Mark Sherman Law.