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    Connecticut Sexual Assault Investigations

    The investigation of sexual assault offenses is taken seriously in Connecticut. The process of being investigated can be intimidating and frustrating, which is why it is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney. Your legal advocate could protect your rights and guide you through the investigation process. If you want to know more about Connecticut sexual assault investigations, consult one of our top, knowledgeable sexual assault lawyers that could advocate for you.

    Who is in Charge of Sexual Assault Investigations?

    The police department in each town handles Connecticut sexual assault investigations. Each police department has a Special Victims Unit and that unit is created solely to investigate sex assault cases. The applicable police department would have their SVU or Special Victims Unit Handle this investigation. They would interview every party involved, go through any applicable evidence that was collected from the scene or from the alleged victim, and determine whether or not there was probable cause to initiate an arrest.

    Typically, if a person is sexually assaulted in Connecticut, they would go to the police department and fill out a complaint or they would sit down with a police officer and the police officer would have them sign an affidavit stating their allegations. It typically occurs in the police department. The alleged victim may also go to the hospital and get treatment for the alleged assault or to get a rape kit done, and the hospital would call the police to come at the hospital to report the crime.

    A federal agency might get involved in scenarios in which a defendant is accused of committing multiple sexual assaults in different states or if it is an extremely serious charge. It is not common for a federal agency to get involved.

    Privacy During an Investigation

    The alleged attacker does not have much privacy during the investigation, even though they have not been arrested yet. The alleged victim should technically have a little bit of privacy. Most of the time the hospital would not release medical records without the consent of the alleged victim, but the police puts the investigation first before all privacy needs.

    Evidence in Sexual Assault Investigations

    The tools or tactics used to collect evidence in Connecticut sexual assault investigations includes testimony. The examiners would conduct questionings. They would have the accused come in to the police department and they would interview them.  They might tell the accused what the alleged victim is saying happened to see if they volunteer any additional information or if they admit to what they are accused of doing.

    They might have the accused speak to numerous police officers to see if they are saying the same thing to every officer or if their story is changing at all to see if that person is lying. An investigation proceeds in a case when there is no physical evidence solely based on the alleged victim’s testimony, the defendant’s testimony, or other witnesses who witnessed the alleged attack.

    What is Included in Forensic Medical Examinations?

    In a forensic medical examination, the examiner is looking for DNA evidence that may still exist. Also, they are looking for testimony from the alleged victim or from the accused that would indicate whether a sexual assault occurred. The forensic medical examination includes an interview that the police department would conduct with the alleged victim in a sex assault case. The examination would also include a physical examination of the alleged victim if there is any physical evidence of an assault.

    The role of sexual assault examinations is to have a thorough examination that could be used in the police investigation. It is an examination conducted by a nurse at a hospital. It was a program developed to conduct a thorough examination of a person who has been treated as the alleged victim instead of someone who is just visiting the hospital.

    DNA Testing in Investigations

    If DNA is collected from the alleged victim during Connecticut sexual assault investigations, it could be used to confirm the involvement of the alleged attacker. During the forensic interview, the DNA could be sent for testing and if it matched a person in the Connecticut felony database, the assailant could be identified. If it does not match anyone, the DNA is typically preserved so that in the future it could be retested to see if there is an identifiable assailant. Typically at the stage of the investigation, it is collected, preserved, and could be sent for testing.

    Use of Polygraphs During an Investigation

    Polygraphs and lie detectors are not typically used in Connecticut during these investigations. The police would continue to interview a person in police custody. If an accused wants to submit to a polygraph or lie detector test, they could do so, but it does not hold any weight in court because it is not typically admissible as evidence.  Sometimes a person being investigated can complete a polygraph as a way of demonstrating innocence during the investigation.

    Value of a Connecticut Sexual Assault Attorney

    Connecticut sexual assault investigations can be very thorough and exhaustive. A qualified sexual assault attorney could protect your rights during the investigation and ensure that you have a fair trial. If you have been accused of sexual assault, speak with a skilled lawyer that could build a solid defense for you.