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    Greenwich Arrest Process

    In Greenwich, if law enforcement is arresting an individual pursuant to a warrant, then the individual would be notified in one of a few ways. The process can vary depending on both whether there is a warrant out for the individual’s arrest, and the officer’s discretion on how to best arrest an individual.

    If you were charged with a crime during the Greenwich arrest process, it is pertinent that you contact a lawyer immediately. An experienced attorney will be able to help reduce or dismiss any penalties associated with your charge.

    Notification over the Phone

    Law enforcement could notify the person over the phone, letting them know that there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest and ask them to come down to the police station to be processed, meaning that they will formally charge the person with the crime. This is the easiest and most civil arrest process in Greenwich.

    They will set a bond amount, and if the person is able to post that bond then they would not be put into handcuffs, but would be taken into custody by virtue of them asking the person to come down to the police station.

    Pursuing an Individual with a Warrant

    If law enforcement in Greenwich has an outstanding warrant for a person’s arrest, they may not give that person the courtesy of notifying them over the phone, and may just come to that individual’s home, workplace, or wherever else they may find that person and place them under arrest pursuant to that arrest warrant, which has already been signed by a judge or a prosecutor and says that there is probable cause to believe that a person has committed one or more crimes.

    In this type of arrest process in Greenwich, law enforcement will likely place that person in handcuffs, detain them, bring them into custody, and would process that individual by giving them the formal notice of the charges and setting an amount of a bond if it has not already been set by the judge. If the person is able to post the bond, then a court date will be set for that person by the police department.

    If the individual is not able to post a bond, then they will be brought to court for an arraignment on the next available court date.

    What Is The Arrest Process If There Is No Warrant?

    If there is not a warrant and the individual has just committed a crime, or law enforcement suspects that the individual has committed a crime based on anything that they have seen, then the police will pursue an arrest of that person without any notice. This details the third way the arrest process can play out in Greenwich.

    What happens at the moment of arrest can be different depending on the circumstances. What should happen is that law enforcement will announce to the individual that they are under arrest, and expect that the individual is going to comply with their lawful commands to place that person under arrest.

    If law enforcement is placing a person under arrest and they have announced that to the individual, they will be expecting under almost any circumstances that the person will allow them to place handcuffs on them so that they can be put into the patrol car to be taken into custody.

    Is Law Enforcement Required to Read Me My Miranda Rights?

    Law enforcement should read the person their Miranda rights, which are notices of the rights that a person has once they become a person who is criminally accused of a crime.

    Among the different rights that they should notify the person of is the right to remain silent, the right to counsel, the right to speak to an attorney, and other things that Greenwich police will advise the person of.

    The arrest process will vary depending on the situation at hand and the officers that are on the scene. Sometimes, the circumstances are such that the officer cannot give the person a formal announcement.

    Extenuating Circumstances

    For example, if the officer is in pursuit or the person is fighting with the officer or is fighting with another person, and law enforcement has to control the suspect before they have any formal conversation with them, law enforcement may place the individual in handcuffs first to detain them and then read them the Miranda rights and notify them that they are being placed under arrest.

    Under normal circumstances, there will be a formal announcement of arrest by law enforcement. They would grab the person’s arm, expecting for that person to allow them to place handcuffs on the suspect, and then would escort the person to the patrol car to be taken down to the police station. The exact way the arrest process is handled in Greenwich, however, changes depending on the particular case.