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    Milford Sugar Daddy Extortion Lawyer

    Relationships built around one person paying the other to be in a relationship with them can be complicated, and can even lead to extremely serious criminal charges if the “sugar daddy” paying for companionship believes they are being extorted by their “sugar baby.” If you are dealing with allegations along these lines, it is vital for you to seek help from a skilled Milford “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer as soon as possible, or you may soon find yourself facing felony-level consequences.

    What Counts as Extortion of a “Sugar Daddy?”

    “Sugar daddy” relationships exist in a gray area of the Connecticut Penal Code. Due to the fact that money is technically being exchanged for intimate companionship, which may include sex, rather than specifically for sexual conduct, this kind of relationship does not qualify as Prostitution as it is defined under the Penal Code. This means it is not currently against the law as written. By nature, though, “sugar daddy” relationships often give “sugar babies” access to information that could cause significant personal or professional harm to their “sugar daddy” if revealed, and this sometimes leads to allegations of extortion.

    According to the definition provided in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-119(5), someone commits Larceny via Extortion if they compel someone else to give them money or some other personal property by threatening to cause them some type of harm that stems from publicizing something the targeted person would rather have kept secret. In other words, even if no physical or financial harm comes to someone as a result of an extortion scheme, threatening to publicly embarrass them unless they pay the perpetrator(s) of the scheme still counts as illegal extortion, as a Milford “sugar daddy” extortion attorney can further explain.

    Possible Consequences of an Extortion Conviction

    C.G.S. § 53a-122 defines Larceny by Extortion as a Class B felony no matter what amount of money is involved in the alleged scheme, meaning that any kind of extortion whatsoever could be punishable by between one and 20 years of prison time plus a maximum of $15,000 in fines. It is worth emphasizing that the one-year prison term associated with this offense is a mandatory minimum offense, meaning that even a first-time offender is almost guaranteed to spend at least 12 months or more behind bars after a conviction with no option for having their sentence reduced below that minimum limit.

    Additionally, any alleged extortion of a “sugar daddy” resulting in them experiencing personal embarrassment, damage to their professional reputation, or any financial loss could give them grounds to file a civil suit against the person or people who extorted them. Even if the target of their lawsuit is not convicted of any criminal wrongdoing, they could still be found civilly liable for thousands of dollars in damages—an outcome which a skilled “sugar daddy” extortion defense lawyer in Milford can provide vital assistance avoiding.

    Talk to a Milford “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney About Your Legal Options

    Talking to anyone about a “sugar daddy” relationship can make for a very awkward conversation. However, speaking with seasoned legal counsel after an accusation that you extorted your “sugar daddy” could be essential to protecting your best interests now and well into the future. Time is of the essence when it comes to proactively and effectively fighting back against this kind of allegation, so you should not wait to contact a Milford “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer. Schedule a consultation by calling the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today, and click here to view our over 300 certified reviews from past clients.