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    Hiring a Lawyer for Sex Crimes Arrests at Mohegan Sun Casino

    Even though it is located on Mohegan tribal land and not technically considered part of Connecticut, the Mohegan Sun Casino still honors the Connecticut Penal Code and tribal police still strictly enforce it—especially when someone on their property is accused of committing a sexually-based criminal offense. Anyone facing domestic violence allegations or sex crime allegations stemming from a casino visit should contact a lawyer with experience handling such allegations involving the Mohegan Sun Casino and quickly begin building a defense custom-tailored to their unique situation.

    What Are the Most Common Sex Crime Charges at the Mohegan Sun?

    Sex crimes encompass a wide variety of activities, but some occur more frequently than others. At the Law Offices of Mark Sherman, our seasoned attorneys have experience defending individuals against a diverse array of charges.

    Sexual Assault

    The most common type of sex crime that occurs at the Mohegan Sun Casino is sexual assault. The Connecticut Penal Code separates this offense into four “degrees” based on the perpetrator’s alleged actions and who those actions allegedly targeted. More specifically, the Penal Code treats offenses involving sexual intercourse—a term defined to include various forms of oral, vaginal, and/or anal intercourse—more severely than offenses involving only sexual contact. In addition, it treats offenses involving the use or threat of force to compel sex more severely than offenses that did not involve force but did involve someone who materially could not consent to sex.

    It is worth noting that the offense often referred to colloquially as “statutory rape”—in other words, intercourse between a person over 18 and a minor without the use or threat of force—is generally prosecuted as a form of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree in Connecticut. A sex crimes attorney can go into further detail during a confidential consultation after an arrest at the Mohegan Sun Casino about the distinguishing factors between each degree of sexual assault as defined in the Penal Code.

    Prostitution and Solicitation

    While selling or purchasing sexual services in exchange for money or something else of value is against the law in Connecticut and obviously involves sexual activity, it is not always treated as a “sex crime” here in the same way that Sexual Assault and similar offenses are. That said, a conviction for Promoting or Soliciting Sexual Services from a Minor can lead to mandatory sex offender registration, as discussed in more detail below.

    Other Offenses Sometimes Categorized as Sex Crimes

    “Child endangerment” is not always a sex crime in Connecticut, but it can be treated as one if it involves an adult having indecent contact with a child’s intimate areas or compelling a child to have indecent contact with their intimate areas. Likewise, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, and public indecency can each be treated as sex crimes under certain circumstances.

    When Will a Sex Crime Conviction Require Sex Offender Registration?

    Anyone convicted of a nonviolent sexual offense or a sexual offense involving children in Connecticut—regardless of where it occurred—will generally be required to register as a sex offender with the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection for 10 years. Any subsequent conviction for either of these types of sex crimes will result in lifetime sex offender registration.

    Anyone convicted of a violent sexual offense will be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of their lifetime, even if they are a first-time offender. Failure to register for a sex crime committed at the Mohegan Sun Casino or elsewhere can be punishable as a Class D felony. For help defending yourself from such claims after a stay at the Mohegan Sun, enlist the help of a skilled sex crimes attorney.

    Work With an Attorney When Facing Sex Crimes Charges at the Mohegan Sun Casino

    Both tribal police and Connecticut law enforcement take alleged sex offenses seriously and often prosecute them exceptionally harshly as compared to other types of criminal allegations. Contesting a charge of this nature is not a fight you want to take on alone—and fortunately, you do not have to. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to discuss your legal options with a tenacious sex crimes lawyer after being charged at the Mohegan Sun Casino, and read over 300 certified reviews on our Avvo profile from our past clients.