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    Norwalk Spousal Abuse Lawyer

    Were you accused of domestic violence against your spouse? A top Norwalk spousal abuse lawyer could help protect your rights and fight the charges.

    What Constitutes Spousal Abuse in CT?

    Spousal abuse can encompass many different crimes, each with different degrees of severity and potential penalty. Virtually any crime involving the potential for violence can be treated as a family violence crime if it occurs between people who have dated, lived together, had a child together, or been married.

    A Norwalk spousal abuse lawyer knows that labeling a crime as spousal abuse carries certain consequences, including the imposition of protective orders.

    What are the Penalties for Family Violence in Norwalk?

    The potential penalties vary depending on the underlying offense and circumstances of the incident. For example, the accused will often face harsher penalties if serious injuries resulted or a weapon was involved.

    At the low end, a Class B Misdemeanor carries the potential for six months of imprisonment and/or a fine up to $1,000. At the high end, a Class A Felony – 25 years imprisonment and/or a fine up to $20,000.

    A Norwalk spousal abuse lawyer can negotiate for lesser penalties or alternative consequences when possible.

    When do Courts Issue Protective Orders?

    Several different types of protective orders may be issued in situations where someone alleges spousal abuse. If no criminal charges have been filed, a spouse, ex-spouse, dating partner, or other individual may ask the court for a civil restraining order or civil protection order. The terms of these orders may restrict all contact between the parties involved or only certain types of conduct.

    When criminal charges are pending in a domestic violence case, courts issue criminal protective orders. Like civil restraining orders, these can include terms with varying degrees of restriction. Working with a Norwalk spousal abuse lawyer early in the process could enable an attorney to negotiate less burdensome terms.

    To learn more about the various types of protective orders, click here.

    What are the Consequences for Violating a Protective Order?

    Regardless of whether a protective order is issued by a civil or criminal court, violation of a protection order constitutes an additional felony crime. Accordingly, anyone accused of spousal abuse should determine whether a protective order is in place and make sure they understand how to comply with the terms. Even an unintentional violation could result in years of imprisonment.

    Contact a Dedicated Norwalk Spousal Abuse Attorney

    Allegations of spousal abuse can result in negative long-term consequences that extend beyond the criminal penalties. A Norwalk spousal abuse lawyer could help fight the charges and work to minimize other negative effects. To learn more about how a defense attorney could help in your situation, call Mark Sherman Law for a consultation.