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    Jail Time Following a Stamford DUI

    After an arrest for a DUI in Stamford, an individual will be transported to the Stamford Police Station where they will be booked and held.

    There is no central booking in Connecticut. Each police station has its own booking. A person taken to the Stamford Police Station would go through the booking process at that location. The booking process entails fingerprints, mug shots, and breath test.

    To learn more about the arrest process and any potential jail time following a Stamford DUI, an individual should not hesitate before consulting with an experienced attorney.

    A seasoned Stamford DUI lawyer will build a strong defense to help lessen any potential consequences an individual may be facing as a result of a DUI charge.

    Booking Process

    If a person is booked at a police station and jailed in Connecticut, they will be placed in a small area of holding cells. These cells are for people going through the booking process, who are in the process of posting bond, and being picked up if they are being released without bond.

    If a person is not going to be picked up, they are held in Stamford until court the next morning. If they still cannot make bond after being presented in court, they are transported to the closest jail to Stamford.

    This is a correctional facility, a very different environment, run by corrections officers with the Department of Corrections. There are no actual police at this facility. A person being transported to this facility will be with other inmates as opposed to the short term stay in jail at Stamford, where the prisoners would likely be alone or with a few other people who have just been arrested.

    The amount of a jail time an individual will face following a DUI in Stamford is dependent on a number of factors, such as whether an individual is able to post bail, when they are arrested, and a variety of other elements.

    Bond Process

    If a person is being held because they cannot make bond, the maximum amount of time that they can hold them without a judge reviewing the bond in court is 48 hours. If a person pleads guilty to a first-time DUI, then the maximum time a person could spend in jail following a Stamford DUI is six months.

    Medical Resources

    There are very few medical resources in Stamford. There may be a defibrillator on-site and someone who has been certified in CPR, but there are no medical professionals. If a person needs medical attention while they are in jail following a Stamford DUI, the person would be transported to Stamford Hospital.

    After Being Arrested

    After being arrested for a DUI in Stamford, a person can expect to be asked basic questions like where they are from, their background, and other similar questions for the police to put in their file.

    The police may ask the person to waive their Miranda rights and then ask them about the incident that just happened. There is a lot of waiting around at the jail while the police fill out their paperwork and go through their process. Such a process can impact the amount of jail time an individual will face following a DUI in Stamford.

    If the police are going to administer a breath test for a Stamford DUI, they must do it within two hours of the person driving the car. Otherwise, it will be thrown out.

    Jail-Related Penalties

    A first-time DUI conviction carries a mandatory minimum of two days in jail, which could be converted to 100 hours of community service instead of the two days mandatory minimum, or a maximum of six months. Such penalties can be negotiated after an individual is taken to jail following a Stamford DUI.