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    Stamford Robbery Lawyer

    Robbery is defined as when somebody commits a larceny by force or the threat of force. The crime occurs when somebody commits a larceny by threatening the immediate use of physical force upon another person.

    If you have been charged with robbery and are seeking legal representation, consult with an experienced criminal lawyer in Stamford as soon as possible. A knowledgeable Stamford theft attorney can gather the elements of your case to help lessen or dismiss any potential penalties associated with your charge.

    Severity of the Charge

    Robbery is, in the lowest form, a felony. A robbery in the third degree is a Class D Felony, robbery in the second degree is a Class C Felony, and robbery in the first degree is a Class B Felony.

    If an individual is facing a penalty associated with robbery, they may spend anywhere between five and 20 years in prison. This carries potential probation of up to five years, and fines ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000.

    The maximum penalty associated with robbery is 20 years in prison, $15,000 in fines, and five years of probation.

    Building a Defense

    When a Stamford robbery attorney is beginning to build a defense, they must understand from the defendant’s perspective what happened, and then seek information to prove the circumstances surrounding the issue.

    Video evidence may be the most helpful way to show what actually happened when a robbery lawyer in Stamford is building a defense. With robbery, medical evidence showing marks or bruises on the body comes into play, because the charge deals with force or the threat of force. That would speak to the level of force that was used and will confirm or undermine what the person affected is claiming in terms of what happened.

    The other thing that the Stamford robbery attorney will look at, not as much for the purpose of providing a defense but for the purpose of identifying whether there are any mitigating circumstances, is to have the defendant evaluated for any kind of drug addiction or mental health disorder.

    That may shed light on why the person acted that way. It may have been a product of something that was beyond their control as opposed to something that they willingly did.

    Benefit of a Lawyer

    A person charged with robbery should retain an experienced Stamford robbery attorney who is familiar with the system, how it works, and who can explain to the defendant all of their options.

    A knowledgeable attorney can also explain any of the defenses available, as well as the opportunity to mitigate any potential punishment.

    A defendant would want to make sure they are hiring a robbery attorney in Stamford that has the right type of experience. It is important is to find a Stamford robbery attorney who can handle the level of charge that the defendant is dealing with.

    If the defendant is charged with robbery, the attorney should understand what to investigate, what to look for, how to make sense of the information, how to present the best defense possible, or the best arguments for mitigation possible to a judge, a prosecutor, or potentially a jury.