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    Weston Child Endangerment Lawyer

    Child abuse charges are felonies. Police can and will be quick to issue charges involving child endangerment as a deterrent (or publicized warning) to others in the hopes of preventing a child abuse or neglect tragedy. Weston child endangerment lawyers have seen most related crimes carry penalties that include substantial terms of imprisonment and large fines. That means that anyone arrested for Risk of Injury should contact a distinguished domestic violence attorney who understands how to defend these charges and who can look to obtain a full dismissal and expungement of all charges.

    Common Risk of Injury Arrests

    Since state statutes are drafted broadly to provide as much protection as possible for minors, violations of the law can occur in a nearly endless variety of situations. It is therefore critical to note that the laws are written to protect children from not only physical harm or injury but also from potential harm to their morals. That means that even if a minor is in no danger of imminent physical harm, a parent, guardian or another adult may face charges involving risk of injury to a minor or child endangerment if a child under the age of 16 is exposed to circumstances considered morally injurious or improper by others.

    Some of the more common instances where child endangerment charges arise include:

    • When a child is exposed to sexually explicit material
    • When police are called to the scene of a domestic violence arrest and children are in the home or vicinity
    • When a car is stopped for reckless driving or DUI and a child is in the backseat
    • When a child is excessively physically disciplined
    • When a child is left alone is a hot or freezing car
    • When a parent is arrested for shoplifting or another crime while accompanied by a child

    Get in touch with a Weston child endangerment attorney when you are accused of any of the above actions.

    DCF Investigations

    Not only are child endangerment charges usually treated as felonies, but they almost always trigger an abuse or neglect investigation. The investigation is conducted by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families which could result in the children’s removal from the home.

    Penalties for Risk of Injury

    Under the Connecticut General Statutes, anyone who places a child in a situation that is likely to harm the child’s health or morals may be found guilty of a Class C felony. It is also a Class C felony to transfer custody of a child in exchange for something of value. These types of offense are punishable by up 10 years in prison and a fine of up $10,000.

    If an individual is deemed to have touched the intimate body parts of a minor under 16 or are allowed the minor to touch those of the individual in a “sexual or indecent manner,” the offense is treated as a Class B felony punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $15,000. Anyone facing these penalties should speak with a Weston child endangerment attorney as soon as possible.

    Speak to a Weston Child Endangerment Attorney Today

    The penalties for violating child endangerment statutes are severe, yet the law is broadly applied so it can be challenging to try and fight your case without an attorney by your side. That is why it is essential to work with a Weston child endangerment lawyer who has litigated hundreds of Risk of Injury cases, knows how the courts have applied the law in different situations, and can formulate the best defense strategy for you and your family.