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    Top 3 Ways to Get Your Disorderly Conduct Arrest in Stamford Connecticut Dismissed

    Top 3 Ways to Get Your Disorderly Conduct Arrest in Stamford Connecticut Dismissed

    Getting arrested in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct under CGS 53a-182 can seem like a no-win situation. If you try to defend yourself without a lawyer, the prosecutor or judge may arm-twist you into pleading guilty for a small fine and a permanent criminal record. While a Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest is one of the least serious crimes in the books, it’s also one the peskiest, as prosecutors will often want to plead you out quickly to this misdemeanor, or a Connecticut Creating a Public Disturbance infraction, which will stain your record forever. Just ask any of the best Stamford, Greenwich or Norwalk Connecticut criminal lawyers or attorneys…if you just got arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich or Westport Connecticut, then you will be tossed into the vortex of the Stamford or Norwalk Superior Courts with little idea of what’s going on or how to get your Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest dismissed quickly.

    So don’t get run over by the wheels of the Connecticut criminal court system for your Stamford, Greenwich or Darien arrest for Disorderly Conduct. Take control of your case by taking a look at these 3 important tips on getting your Connecticut arrest for Disorderly Conduct dismissed right now…

    #1 – Stay calm and respectful.

    We’ve shared many secrets about fighting Stamford, Greenwich and Darien Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrests. The Disorderly Conduct statute in Connecticut is a broadly defined law that prohibits any kind of conduct that causes annoyance, alarm, or fear to another person, and is punishable by up to 3 months in jail. Top Stamford and Danbury Connecticut criminal law firms are frequently asked what kind of behavior can get me arrested in Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct? And they usually don’t like the answer: any kind of conduct that is loud, disturbing or the even the slightest bit intimidating, threatening or harassing. But here’s how you can turn your Stamford or Greenwich arrest for 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct around quickly: keep a calm and respectful attitude with the police when you are being investigated, interviewed or processed for your Greenwich, New Canaan or Stamford Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest. You see, the arresting or investigating police officers almost always make notes in their police reports on your behavior and attitude. And those notes matter. Especially when these attitude notes are considered by the prosecutor or district attorney, whose decision it is to drop and dismiss your Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest. If the notes on your attitude and demeanor are favorable, then chances are you will do much better in getting your Disorderly Conduct arrest dismissed in the Stamford, Danbury or Norwalk criminal courts. So stay composed, respectful and pleasant with the police, no matter how much you disagree with their attitude or decision to arrest you.

    #2 – Consider some sort of apology.

    In almost every Disorderly Conduct arrest in Stamford, Ridgefield and Greenwich Connecticut, there is usually an alleged “victim” who is on the other side of your case. This could be a family member in a Connecticut domestic violence arrest for Disorderly Conduct, a police officer who arrested you for being too pushy or rowdy, or someone who you brawled with in a bar or nightclub. Regardless of who the victim is, top Stamford criminal lawyers and attorneys know that once your Disorderly Conduct arrest gets to the Stamford or Norwalk Courts, the state’s attorney will likely reach out to this alleged victim to seek out their position on your case. Does the victim want jail? Probation? Anger management? A restraining order? While the victim cannot control the case, their opinion does carry some weight with the prosecuting authority. That’s why it could be in your best interest to consider sending an apology to the victim, preferably through your top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer. This should be discussed at length with your top Connecticut Disorderly Conduct lawyer attorney, as you want to make sure you do not put anything in your apology letter that can be deemed an admission or used against you in your case in the event you have to go to trial. But know that an apology—even a weak one—like the always-reliable “I’m sorry you were offended / I’m sorry this happened” (as opposed to a more direct “I’m sorry that I punched you”) may help smooth things over for a quick resolution and dismissal of your Stamford, Westport, or Greenwich Disorderly Conduct arrest.

    #3 – Hire a top Stamford or Norwalk Connecticut criminal lawyer…

    Finally, the most prudent and effective solution for getting your Connecticut arrest for 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct dismissed and expunged is to hire a top Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan or Wilton criminal attorney lawyer. At the very least, sitting down with a Connecticut criminal lawyer is a good idea, and be sure to ask them how to get your Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest reports taken off the internet. Many Connecticut criminal law firms have begun developing internet scrubbing practices which go head-to-head with online news websites who try to make money off police blotters and exploit your arrest report and mug shot. Don’t let these internet websites get away with this. First get your criminal case dismissed, and then wipe the internet clean of your arrest reports so you can keep your professional reputation completely free and clear of any damaging news articles. The Mark Sherman Law Firm has been recognized by SuperLawyers Magazine and Connecticut Magazine as a top Connecticut criminal law firm. So call us today to learn how we can help you fight your Connecticut arrest for Disorderly Conduct.