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    Milford Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Being accused of violating the Connecticut Penal Code can be extremely intimidating in the short term and potentially life-altering in the long term, even if it does not result in a conviction in criminal court. Fortunately, you have help available from a seasoned Milford criminal defense lawyer with the experience and expertise necessary to help you effectively enforce your rights.

    Why Get Help From Private Legal Counsel?

    In the United States you cannot be forced to represent yourself. If you cannot afford an attorney, a public defender will be appointed for you. But what if you don’t qualify? You don’t have to use a public defender if you qualify, and if you don’t qualify you can greatly benefit from a private defense attorney.

    A private defense attorney will cost money, but they can provide invaluable guidance, advice, and advocacy of your rights both in and out of the courtroom. A Milford criminal defense attorney who knows the courthouse, knows the procedures, and has litigated cases in Milford before can take stress off your shoulders during this trying time.

    Going without legal counsel altogether makes it even more likely for a case to have an unfavorable result for a defendant, especially considering how confusing the court system can be and how much more likely courts are to side with law enforcement and prosecutors over individual defendants. With all that in mind, it should be obvious why seeking help from a qualified Milford criminal defense attorney is almost always the best approach for anyone seeking a positive outcome from criminal proceedings against them.

    Dealing With Different Types of Criminal Charges

    Private legal counsel can assist with contesting both misdemeanor and felony criminal charges of all classes—in other words, offenses punishable by only a few days of jail time and a few hundred dollars in fines, to offenses carrying multi-year prison sentences and fines of thousands of dollars upon conviction. In particular, an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Milford can help build a compelling defense strategy against allegations like:

    This kind of guidance can be especially important when dealing with a charge classified as “family violence,” since this may lead to legal proceedings both in criminal court and in family court which may each have life-altering consequences entirely independent of the other case.

    Get in Touch With a Milford Criminal Defense Attorney Today

    The criminal justice system can be very challenging for anyone to navigate on their own, and while public defenders provide very important services, they also tend to be overworked and prone to working in the court’s interests rather than any individual defendant’s. With that in mind, contacting and retaining a skilled Milford criminal defense lawyer should be your number-one priority if you have been charged, arrested, or even suspect you are under investigation for any criminal offense. Call Mark Sherman Law today to schedule an initial consultation, and click here to learn what previous clients have said about working with us.