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    Kathryn Bella

    Kathryn Bella is the Firm’s DCF consultant. She is not an attorney, but instead joins the firm following her career of working for the Department of Children and Families to assist in defending clients during investigations and beyond.

    After graduating from the University of Connecticut, Kathryn went to work as a social work professional at the Department of Children and Families for over 30 years. Kathryn has a wide range of skills and knowledge regarding Child Protective Services. She has firsthand experience with the practices, policies and guidelines DCF utilizes. During her career, she was involved in approximately 18,000 cases.

    Kathryn can provide you with both support and direct assistance, while
    guiding you through the difficult DCF process collaboratively.



    • Trick or Treatment??? Family and Criminal Lawyer Tips for Advising Clients on DCF Door-Knocks, Fairfield County Bar Association December 14, 2023
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