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    Connecticut Teacher Arrest Defense Lawyers – Fight Back Now

    Connecticut Teacher Arrest Defense Lawyers – Fight Back Now
    • When a Connecticut teacher gets arrested, it usually sparks media coverage and stiff penalties.
    • Teachers in Connecticut are often unfairly held to higher standards in court.
    • A Connecticut teacher arrest results in license review, DCF investigations, or worse.

    Can I Lose My Teaching Job Because Of A Connecticut Arrest?

    Yes. While teachers are entitled to the presumption of innocence, their unique role with children makes an arrest more likely to result in adverse consequences. Knowing how a Connecticut teacher arrest or criminal investigation impacts your teaching license and knowing how to push back against your Board of Education after an arrest is critical.

    Will a Connecticut Teacher Arrest Trigger a DCF Investigation?

    It can, especially if the crimes charged involve the teacher’s students or the teacher’s children. Plus, DCF has an obligation to notify your employer that you under investigation–all the more reason why you need a top Connecticut teacher defense lawyer to run interference with your school system to help save your job. For more on Connecticut DCF teacher investigations, follow this link to our law firm’s one-of-its-kind DCF website,

    Will a Connecticut Teacher Arrest for a DUI Get Me Fired?

    Usually no, but only if it’s handled properly by a top Connecticut teacher defense lawyer. They know how to deal with Board of Eds and present your case in a way that protects your job, not exposes it to termination.

    How Can I Fight My Connecticut Teacher Arrest and Still Save My Job?

    An argument with a spouse could lead to an arrest for disorderly conduct under Connecticut General Statutes “C.G.S.” § 53a-182, to learn more click here. Driving after having a drink too many could lead to a DUI charge, to learn more click here.

    For first-time offenders, hiring a lawyer is highly advised. The judicial system could be frustrating and time consuming, especially for someone with no experience. A lawyer can be by your side from start to finish, analyzing the police reports, speaking with prosecutors and other court personnel, and defending you vigorously to obtain the best outcome possible.

    Criminal Charges and the Department of Children and Families

    Depending on the circumstances, Connecticut teachers who are arrested may also face investigation by the Department of Children and Families. DCF investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect in an effort to protect children. However, sometimes investigations raise more red flags than are necessary. If you’re a teacher in Connecticut and DCF has come knocking at your door, call a skilled attorney to learn about the best approach to take. To learn more about defending teachers against DCF investigations, click here.

    Contact A Connecticut Criminal Lawyer Today

    No matter your career, an arrest could scar your life for years to come. For teachers in Connecticut, keeping your reputation sparkling is of the utmost importance. Don’t wait, reach out to a dedicated attorney with over 300 5-star reviews on to learn more about defending your reputation and your career today.