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    PRESS RELEASE: Criminal Attorney from CT Explains Benefits of Internet Scrubbing

    PRESS RELEASE: Criminal Attorney from CT Explains Benefits of Internet Scrubbing

    Stamford, CT – Do you ever wonder why you have all of the experience required, your job interviews go well, yet you never get an offer? In difficult economic climates when dozens of people are applying for one job this can happen to anyone. But if you have an arrest record, even if you have never been convicted of a crime, that information may be costing you employment opportunities.

    There are numerous sites available online that take information gleaned from public records and post the information for anyone to access. In order to maintain a free society, police and court proceedings are open to the public, a policy which prevents people from disappearing into a legal system as sometimes happens in police states. The publication of that information online, however, can cause incredible harm to an innocent person.

    Other online sites allow anyone to conduct a search on any individual, and an amazing amount of information is available for a relatively small fee. “Such sites generally include a disclaimer, warning employers not to use the information obtained in making employment decisions, but such warnings are essentially useless,” contends Mark Sherman, a criminal attorney from Connecticut. “It is simply human nature to be influenced by negative information, and there is simply no way to prove why an employment decision is made unless the person making the hiring decision reveals that information.”

    But what about people who were arrested and were either never convicted or the charges were later dropped? What if you were prosecuted but found not guilty? How about convictions which were later expunged? “While people in these circumstances do not have a criminal record, future employers may be concerned that they are criminals because an internet search may reveal the arrest and not the final disposition,” attorney Sherman explains.

    There are ways to correct this, however, which is why Mark Sherman and the members of his CT criminal defense attorney team offer an internet arrest scrubbing service. “While the internet is a useful tool, using it to undermine employment, housing, credit and other opportunities for innocent people is simply not acceptable,” he continues. This is a relatively new area of law, but the Sherman team has been successful in helping numerous clients scrub this data from public view so they can get on with their lives. Do you need help in this area? If so, contact Mark Sherman Law and put the past behind you once and for all.