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    Do I Need a Second Opinion for my Connecticut Criminal Arrest Case?

    Do I Need a Second Opinion for my Connecticut Criminal Arrest Case?

    If your doctor told you that you needed surgery, or if you were diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, then you would almost always get a second opinion from another surgeon or specialist.

    But what if your top Stamford or Norwalk criminal lawyer attorney tells you that you need to plead guilty to your Connecticut criminal arrest for DUI / DWI, domestic violence or any other crime? What if they recommend that you plead to a felony or do jail time? What if they want you to use a once-in-a-lifetime diversionary program like the Connecticut Accelerated Rehabilitation Program? Do you just take them at their word?

    Absolutely not. Get a second opinion from any of the best Stamford, Norwalk or Bridgeport Connecticut criminal defense lawyers.

    Sometimes Your Lawyer May Not Know What They’re Doing

    Time and again, lawyers who dabble in criminal law (and primarily practice civil litigation, divorce law, or personal injury law) will take on a criminal case because they need the money. But simply put, they don’t have the appropriate amount of experience in Connecticut criminal law to fully understand all of the defense strategies available to you. They don’t regularly attend national conferences hosted by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, which provide their members with cutting edge presentations on DUI / DWI defense, forensic science, DNA analysis, sex assaults and child pornography. That experience may very well be needed to get you the best result in your case.

    Second Opinions Can Sometimes Save Your Case

    Sitting down for a one-time meeting with another top criminal defense attorney lawyer in Stamford, Norwalk or Greenwich Connecticut doesn’t mean you have to fire your lawyer. Many times, you can get some suggestions for your case that you can raise with your current attorney. Or, alternatively, you may decide you want to switch attorneys before it’s too late in your case. Switching lawyers in your Connecticut criminal arrest case happens all the time. Sometimes it’s because your lawyer is suddenly too busy for your case, is not responsive to your calls or emails, or there’s just not good chemistry. Your life and reputation are on the line. Don’t be afraid to make a switch, or at the least, schedule a consultation for a second opinion.

    What to Bring to Your Second Opinion Consultation

    You wouldn’t believe how many times clients tell their second opinion lawyers that they have not read their own police reports, or ever went over the contents of their police reports with their Connecticut criminal lawyer who is urging them to make a deal in their case or pressuring them to apply for Accelerated Rehabilitation or Alcohol Education Programs.

    That’s why when you meet with a top Connecticut criminal law firm for a second opinion, be sure to bring them the following information:

    • A copy of the arrest warrant application (if it exists);
    • A summary of what has happened at each court date;
    • A summary of what you reviewed in your police reports (sometimes your consulting lawyers can actually review the police reports with the cooperation of your current attorney);
    • The details of the state’s attorney / prosecutor’s offer on your case; and
    • The details of the supervising pre-trial judge’s offer on your case.

    Sometimes Second Opinions Can Confirm Your Lawyer Is Doing a Great Job

    I’ve sat through many second opinion consults and have concluded that the case is being handled properly. Some of the best Connecticut criminal lawyers don’t necessarily have the best “bedside manner,” but this doesn’t mean they aren’t doing a solid job for you. Ask any top Darien, Stamford or Connecticut criminal lawyer: all that matters to them is results. Getting the best result possible for you, under the individual circumstances of your case.

    Get a Second Opinion from the Mark Sherman Law Firm Team of Criminal Lawyers

    The Mark Sherman Law Firm has been providing second opinion consultations for over 15 years. We will analyze all of the evidence, data and information you provide to us, and then we will give an honest assessment of your case. We pride ourselves on providing you with both a risk-benefit analysis or your case, coupled with a cost-benefit analysis. We provide consultations for any Connecticut criminal arrest—from New London to New Haven to Stamford Superior Court. We will also sit with you and your entire family to manage your expectations, both compassionately and realistically. See what our former clients have to say about us on the certified client review website. Then give us a call to set up a consultation for your Connecticut criminal case at (203) 358-4700.