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    Greenwich & Stamford DWI / DUI Arrests for CDL License Holders Jackknife Truck Drivers

    Greenwich & Stamford DWI / DUI Arrests for CDL License Holders Jackknife Truck Drivers

    Why are Connecticut DWI / DUI laws so much tougher on Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders? Police and prosecutors view commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers as loaded guns barreling down Interstate 95. As a result, they have enacted zero tolerance laws and legislation designed to protect drivers and passengers on the roads. However, in their well-intentioned efforts to protect the roads, they have essentially crafted a set of laws that financially cripple truck drivers and CDL holders with oppressive penalties that do not give courts and judges any room for leniency.

    So can anything be done by top Stamford Connecticut CDL criminal lawyers to fight these 14-227a DUI / DWI laws on behalf of CDL holders? Absolutely. Keep reading…

    CDL Suspensions Imposed by the Connecticut DMV

    The top Norwalk, Greenwich, and Stamford CDL criminal trucking lawyers will likely tell you the same thing: CDL drunk driving laws are harsher and penalties are more severe for CDL license holders. For example, if you are a CDL holder and have been arrested for a 14-227 DUI in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport or elsewhere in Connecticut, then you are at risk of two types of long-term CDL suspensions: first, a “per se” suspension for failing or refusing a breath, urine or blood test, and second, another suspension—on top of the DMV per se suspension—for pleading guilty to a Connecticut 14-227a DUI / DWI charge.

    For example, during a 14-227a DUI / DWI arrest, if you submit to a breath, blood, or urine test and you are operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) or even a non-CMV vehicle with an illegal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), then your CDL will be suspended for one year. Likewise, if you are a CDL holder and you refuse a BAC test (whether or not you are driving a commercial vehicle at the time of your DWi / DUI arrest), then your CDL will be suspended for one year. For repeat CDL offenders, a second 14-227a arrest will result in a lifetime suspension of your CDL license, with a possibility of restoration only after 10 years. Even more grim are the penalties for a Connecticut 14-227a DUI / DWI guilty plea and conviction. There is no wiggle room here—it is a lifetime suspension of your CDL on your first conviction for a DUI/DWI.

    Are Work Permits Available to CDL License Holder?

    No. While non-CDL license holders are entitled to work or school permits after a DUI / DWI arrest, CDL holders are unfortunately not eligible for work permits.

    Can First-Time DUI / DWI Offender CDL Holders Apply for the Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program?

    Another no. Connecticut’s Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program is not available to CDL holders, even if the alleged DUI / DWI took place in a non-commercial vehicle. You see, CDL license holders are held to a much higher standard. That’s why if you are a CDL license holder and find yourself arrested for 14-227a in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Fairfield, or Norwalk, then it is absolutely critical to hire a top DUI / DWI CDL lawyer attorney to assist you in trying to save your CDL. These criminal lawyers appreciate how important your CDL is to you and your family. And they will do everything they can to help you fight your suspension such as appealing the DMV suspension, and taking your underlying DUI / DWI CDL arrest to trial if necessary.

    Appealing Your CDL License Suspension

    Prior to the DMV per se suspension of your CDL privileges, you are entitled to a DMV appeal hearing. However, there is a very small window of time to request an appeal hearing so you should contact a CDL attorney quickly after your arrest. Factors that the Mark Sherman Law team of CDL lawyers will review and challenge are: lack of probable cause, improper administration of the breath test, and defective Miranda warnings. The “two-attorney” review guarantee at Mark Sherman Law ensures that at least two of our CDL criminal lawyers will review your police reports for defects and constitutional violations that may in fact save your CDL from suspension.

    Contact a Stamford Connecticut CGL Criminal Lawyer Today

    So if you are a CDL trucking license holder and have been arrested for CGS 14-227a DWI / DUI in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut, or are a CDL license holder and have received one or more CGS 14-267 truck overweight violation tickets, contact a CDL trucking lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today. Our rates are reasonable and we understand how critical your CDL status is to your career, livelihood and family. We will sit with you to craft the most cost-effective defense to your CDL tickets and CDL overweight charges to help give you the best chance of saving your CGL from suspension by the Connecticut DMV. So call us today at (203) 358-4700. We are available 24/7 to take your call.