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    Fighting Catch a Predator & POP Squad Arrests in Connecticut

    Fighting Catch a Predator & POP Squad Arrests in Connecticut
    • Recent Connecticut arrests triggered by the POP Squad are on the rise.
    • The POP Squad is a Connecticut sex predator watchdog group, akin to the TV show “Catch a Predator.”
    • While the POP Squad claims to have caught 114 predators, only 14 have been arrested by Connecticut police to date.
    • Some of the best CT criminal lawyers argue that POP Squad / Catch a Predator sting arrests constitute entrapment.
    • An arrest from a POP Squad / Catch a Predator sting can get you arrested for enticing a minor, risk of injury to a minor, or other Connecticut sex crimes.
    • So if you’ve been arrested in Connecticut for Enticing a Minor under CGS 53a-90a or Risk of Injury CGS 53-21, then you need to speak to a top Connecticut sex crimes lawyer immediately.

    Who is POP Squad?

    POP Squad (short for Prey on Predators) is run by a Bristol, Connecticut individual who goes by the pseudonym Incognito.

    With the use of chat logs and “decoys” (individuals over the age of 18 who can pass for minors), the POP Squad baits potential predators into showing up to in-person meetings with minors. When they arrive, Incognito and his crew are ready and waiting with a camera rolling.

    After these encounters, the POP squad turns over chat logs and camera footage to the local police for arrest and prosecution.

    Are POP Squad Stings Legal?

    Yes, so long as one party to the video recordings know they are being recorded. So far, POP Squad claims to have chatted with over 1,000 potential predators. They also claim to have caught 114 people in the act of trying to meet with a minor for sexual relations. However, the police have only made 14 arrests.

    Click here for more on the legality of eavesdropping and secretly recording people in Connecticut.

    What if POP Squad turns video of me over to the police?

    If you find yourself being targeted in Connecticut by the POP Squad sting, you should contact an attorney immediately.

    Connecticut Enticing a Minor Investigations are extremely serious, especially when it involves minors.

    The success of your case will involve how quickly your attorney can preserve evidence, take a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the incident, and help you decide if you should cooperate with a police investigation. A top Connecticut risk of injury attorney can help you navigate the sensitive process and try to prevent your arrest.

    How much trouble can the POP Squad get me in?

    If the POP Squad turns over video evidence to the police, then Connecticut police can open an investigation against you for Enticing a Minor under Connecticut General Statute § 53a-90a.

    If you believed the minor was between ages 13 and 18, this crime is a D Felony that carries up to 5 years in prison. If you believe the minor is under 13 years old, this crime is a B felony that carries up to 20 years in prison, 5 of which you must serve.

    But it does not stop there. You could also be investigated for attempted Sexual Assault in the 2nd Degree under § 53a-71 (a Class C Felony that carries up to 10 years in prison) and Risk of Injury to a Minor under § 53-21 (a Class C or B Felony).

    To put it bluntly, the POP Squad can cause major issues in your life and expose you to very significant jail time.

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