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    Fighting Connecticut Weapon in Motor Vehicle Charges

    Fighting Connecticut Weapon in Motor Vehicle Charges
    • Trying to protect yourself from crazy drivers can actually get you arrested in Connecticut for Weapon in Motor Vehicle under CGS 29-38.
    • Certain knives, switchblades, BB guns, pellet air guns, machetes, and brass knuckles are illegal to keep in your car.
    • Road rage is a real threat to any Connecticut driver, but you need to be careful.
    • That’s why you need to understand what weapons are legal to keep in your car in Connecticut.
    • So if you’ve been arrested for CGS 29-38 Weapon in a Motor Vehicle, call a top Connecticut criminal gun lawyer attorney today.

    What is Considered a “Weapon” for Connecticut Weapon in Motor Vehicle Arrest?

        • Any pistol or revolver for which a permit has not been issued.
        • Any machine gun which hasn’t been registered.
        • Any police baton, nightstick, BB gun or pellet air gun.
        • Any machete, sword, stiletto or martial arts weapon (like a ninja star).
        • Any switch knife, or spring release knife with over a 1.5 inch blade, or any other knife with over a 4 inch blade.

    Connecticut Weapon in a Motor Vehicle Arrests are Felonies in Connecticut

    As the best Connecticut criminal lawyers attorneys with experience in defending Weapon in a Motor Vehicle charges can explain, this crime is a Class D felony. This means it’s punishable by up to 5 years in prison, stiff fines, and probation if not handled properly. Plus, you’re at risk of getting your guns seized and your Connecticut gun / pistol carrying permit revoked. So make sure your lawyer understands this law inside and out. There are over a dozen exceptions to this law and sometimes younger, inexperienced police officers are not aware of them and will arrest you in Connecticut for CGS 29-38 Weapon in a Motor Vehicle.

    Can I Carry a BB Gun, Pellet or Paintball Gun in My Car?

    Yes, but in Connecticut your BB gun or Pellet / Paintball Gun must be unloaded, and (1) stored in your trunk, or (2) locked in a container other than the glove compartment or front console.

    Can a Martial Arts Student Transport Weapons to Lessons & Competitions in Connecticut?

    Yes. These weapons can be transported to and from class and events in your vehicle, but only if you are enrolled in a martial arts school (or you’re an instructor), and only if you can provide police with formal documentation of enrollment.

    Waving a Knife or Gun on the Road Gets You Arrested for Threatening in Connecticut

    I’ve written a lot about fighting road rage arrests in Connecticut (click here for the latest article).

    And what I have seen frequently in road rage cases in Connecticut are arrests for Weapon in Motor Vehicle (CGS 29-38) coupled with Connecticut Threatening Second Degree arrests (CGS 53a-62), based on mere accusations of waving a knife from inside the car. And these are people who feel intimidated by aggressive drivers who are tailgating them, intimidating them, or making obscene gestures at them.

    Is it Illegal to Have a Knife in My Car for Protection?

    Yes, if the spring release knife has a blade over 1.5 inches, or if any other knife’s blade is over 4 inches.

    Knife & Gun in Car Exceptions to Connecticut Weapon in Motor Vehicle Law

    There are many exceptions to the 4-inch blade knife in a car rule in Connecticut, the most commonly asked about are:

        • Any member of the armed forces or reserves who are on duty, or are reporting to, or returning from duty.
        • Anyone who is traveling to or from an authorized gun or knife show.
        • Anyone who is in the process of moving residences.
        • Anyone traveling to and from a knife repair shop
        • Anyone holding a valid hunting, fishing or trapping license issued in Connecticut.
        • Anyone participating in an authorized historic reenactment.

    You Must Knowingly Possess a Weapon in Your Motor Vehicle to Get Arrested in Connecticut

    Many of the best Connecticut road rage criminal lawyers and attorneys have pointed out a nuance of the Weapon in a Motor Vehicle law—that you must knowingly possess a weapon in your motor vehicle.

    This means that if you’re driving your dad’s car, your friend’s car, or even your husband’s or wife’s car, you may not even know what’s in the trunk or backseat.

    That’s why it’s critical to (1) never consent / say yes to a request to search the car you are driving if you don’t know what’s in it, and (2) when asked by the police, don’t admit to knowing that you had a weapon in your car (you can’t lie, but you are not required to answer the question).

    These tips will help you and your Connecticut weapon in motor vehicle criminal lawyer try and get your CGS 29-38 charges dismissed quickly.

    Contact a Connecticut Weapon in a Motor Vehicle Lawyer Today

    With Connecticut road rage cases on the rise, it’s completely understandable that a Connecticut driver would want to protect themselves and their family by keeping a weapon in their motor vehicle. But you need to comply with Connecticut’s weapon in a car laws, especially with guns and knives. So if you’ve been arrested in Connecticut for Weapon in a Motor Vehicle, contact the Mark Sherman Law Firm today. See our 5-star reviews from our prior Weapon in a Motor Vehicle clients. Then give us a call today at (203) 358-4700. We’re available 24/7 to take your call.