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    A Guardian Ad Litem Is Important for Your Teens Well-Being

    A Guardian Ad Litem Is Important for Your Teens Well-Being

    The law and the legal system can be very hard for the normal adult to understand. For children or teenagers, it can be even more difficult. Children don’t yet have the same level of emotional maturity as adults. That means they may not understand what is happening to them when they face Connecticut juvenile court. They may not even have the ability to properly work with an attorney to make their case. Because of this concern, the juvenile court system often appoints a guardian ad litem. This adult is someone who can protect the interests of the child throughout the court proceedings.

      Why Can’t the Guardian Ad Litem Be a Parent?

      The court only appoints an outside guardian in specific cases. As long as a parent is available and competent, then they will act as the child’s guardian. However, if both parents are incompetent, unavailable, or inappropriate in the specific case, then an outside guardian will be appointed by the judge. There are times when both parents are available, but their own interests will conflict with the interests and rights of the child. In these cases, the judge will appoint a guardian as well.

      Some of the situations in which the guardian will be appointed include:

      • Child custody cases
      • Child support disputes
      • Adoption cases
      • Child abuse proceedings
      • Family court cases of different types
      • Will and trust cases to guard the child’s interests

      A guardian ad litem is often a lawyer, but doesn’t have to be. In order to ensure total protection, attorneys are usually trained in how to act in this role. This way, they can provide an objective, outside source that will always act in the best interest of the child or teen. It is completely up to the discretion of the juvenile court judge to determine whether or not a guardian needs to be legally appointed.

      Turning to the Right Help

      If you have a child involved in a court case of any type, whether or not a guardian ad litem is needed, then you need the proper Stamford or Greenwich defense attorney. Because your child’s rights and best interests are hanging in the balance, you can’t settle for anything but the best. You can depend on the Law Offices of Mark Sherman.

      We are experienced in handling all types of Connecticut juvenile court issues, and we understand how to work as a guardian ad litem if needed. No matter the reason why your child needs to be a part of a family or juvenile court case, we can give you the legal advice and help you need.

      The Law Offices of Mark Sherman offers an experienced team of compassionate legal representatives who will be able to keep your child’s best interests at heart. Our attorneys are available to you all day, every day, and we are a fully bilingual staff, speaking fluent Spanish and English. Don’t let your child go without the right legal representation in any type of case. Instead, turn to a compassionate, understanding, and extremely qualified attorney that will keep your teen’s best interests at heart.