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    Hooking Up & Having an Affair with Your Boss in Connecticut Can Lead to Sexual Harassment

    Hooking Up & Having an Affair with Your Boss in Connecticut Can Lead to Sexual Harassment

    We’ve seen a lot in the news lately (particularly Fox News) about how accusations of sexual harassment and having affairs by or with your boss can lead to lawsuits for sexual harassment and hostile work environment.

    But what if the affair with your boss in Connecticut is consensual? Is that still considered sexual harassment? Can a Connecticut employer company still get sued?

    100 percent. Here’s why…

    “Consensual” Sex & Affairs Between Bosses & Employees in Connecticut May Not Be Criminal, But It Can Still Be Illegal

    Some of the best sexual harassment and employment lawyers in Greenwich, Westport and Stamford Connecticut love to throw around the word “illegal” when talking about a sexual harassment case in Connecticut, especially when Fortune 500 and fancy hedge funds are involved.

    But what does the legal term “illegal” mean? Usually it does not mean criminal—meaning that a boss is not going to get arrested for having sex with his or her employees, unless he is engaging in rape, or sexual contact by force or threat.

    But hooking up with your subordinates and employees can indeed be “illegal” in Connecticut in the civil lawsuit context–even if consensual—especially when the sex becomes an implicit or explicit condition of employment.

    How does an employee know when sex is an implicit / explicit condition of their job? That’s an easy question. If an employee or subordinate calls off the affair or sexual conduct, and the boss then fires the employee, or retaliates against them in any manner, then that’s illegal sexual harassment in Connecticut, and grounds for a civil lawsuit. Follow this link to learn more about your rights in a Connecticut sexual harassment lawsuit.

    What Kind of Sexual Conduct & Contact Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

    As top Connecticut sexual harassment law firms understand, sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims come in many forms—including all the usual and cliché sex shenanigans that typically take place during an office affair: vaginal intercourse, blow jobs / oral sex all around the office, and graphic, obscene, X-rated “sexting” and instant messaging (called “selfies” and “dick pics.”) These interactions—both virtual and real-time—can justify a Connecticut sexual harassment case.

    **Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this article speaks only to what kind of conduct can be “illegal” in the context of civil sexual harassment claims. Be aware that even legal conduct that is not considered sexual harassment could be considered flagrant violations of your company’s employment handbook and policies and immediate grounds for termination in a Connecticut company (such as sexting, dick pics, etc.). So before you start hooking up with your boss, be sure you clearly understand your company’s rules and regulations.

    First Things First: Save All Evidence of the Sexual Contact & Harassment

    Save the emails. Save the dirty texts and photos. Save everything. This evidence in and of itself does not necessarily give you grounds for a sexual harassment case, but if your boss fires you for no good cause, or retaliates against you because you won’t sleep with him or her anymore, then this evidence can be extremely helpful—especially if your boss tries to make the argument that you were lying about the affair.

    Be Careful that You Don’t Get Arrested for Extortion in Connecticut

    Some of the best Connecticut criminal & sex harassment lawyers frequently see employees try to threaten their bosses by saying “if you don’t give me money, I’m going to tell HR or your wife / husband.” This is a crime. This is extortion.

    How a Connecticut Sexual Harassment Case Begins

    Connecticut employment law spells out very specific guidelines and procedures for vetting a Connecticut sexual harassment claims—starting with filing a sexual harassment / hostile work environment claim with the CCHRO – the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities. The CCHRO provides Connecticut employers and employees with a screening process—specifically, all sex harassment cases must first be approved for lawsuit by the CCHRO before a case is filed in court. One reason for this screening process is to make sure the claim is legitimate and not just a shakedown. That’s why it’s critical to speak with any of the top sexual harassment attorneys and lawyers if your affair with your boss has gone sideways.

    Contact a Connecticut Sexual Harassment Law Firm Today

    So if you’ve been having an affair with your boss in Connecticut or have been hooking up with your boss and got fired, or feel like you are being retaliated or discriminated against, then give the Connecticut Sexual Harassment lawyers and attorneys at Mark Sherman Law a call today. You have the right not be harassed at work—even if you are or were sleeping / having sex with your boss in Connecticut. You can click here to read certified client reviews from our civil litigation clients on the website. Then give us a call to schedule a consultation. Our firm can be reached 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.