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    How Do I Get a Restraining Order in Greenwich?

    How Do I Get a Restraining Order in Greenwich?
    • Filing for a Greenwich restraining order is a multi step process.
    • You only get once chance to make an impression on the judge, make sure it counts.
    • The restraining order extends up to one year.
    • Hire a top Greenwich Restraining Order attorney for the best chance of success.

    When am I eligible to get a family restraining order in Greenwich?

    If you are subject to a continuous threat of present physical pain or physical injury, stalking, or a pattern of threatening you can apply for a restraining order.

    Who can I get a Greenwich Restraining Order against?

    You can get a restraining order against any blood relatives, spouses, significant other or roommates. If the perpetrator doesn’t fall into one of those categories, you may still qualify for a civil restraining order. To learn more about civil restraining, click here.

    Is there a specific law about restraining orders?

    Yes. Connecticut General Statute § 46b-15 is a lengthy statute that lays out the entire process from filing to the hearing to what the judge can order after he finds in your favor.

    What is the restraining order application process in Stamford?

    First, you have to fill out an application and an affidavit telling the judge what is happening. This is a crucial step that will influence the rest of the process You should hire any of the best Stamford restraining order attorney to assist you with this. Then, the judge reads your application and decides if you get a restraining order immediately. Next, you have a hearing within 2 weeks.

    Can I still get a restraining order if courts are shutting down from COVID-19?

    Yes. While a vast majority of court functions are being postponed, the courts are still open to hear restraining order applications and have hearings because your safety is a risk.

    Are there different levels of restraining orders?

    Yes, they range from prohibiting contact and prohibiting being in your house down to prohibiting assault, abuse, and threats.

    What can I do to prepare for the hearing?

    You should consult with any of the top Greenwich restraining order lawyers before you even decide file your application. Your attorney will help you put together your evidence, write your affidavit, and prepare you for the questions at the hearing.

    Is there a chance to settle the case?

    Yes, there is an opportunity to come to an agreement before the hearing starts. 

    What happens if I win the hearing?

    The judge can order that the restraining order be extended for up to a year.

    Does the restraining order have any teeth?

    Yes, violation of a restraining order is a Class D felony. It carries a punishment of up to five years in jail, a $5,000 fine, and probation. Click here to learn more about violation of restraining order arrests.

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