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    How to Fight Your Stamford Connecticut Strangulation Arrest

    How to Fight Your Stamford Connecticut Strangulation Arrest
    • Police officers often add Strangulation 3rd Degree charges to domestic violence arrests.
    • In Connecticut, Third Degree Strangulation CGS 53a-64cc covers reckless conduct.
    • If children are home, then DCF will start an investigation into your family.
    • If you’ve been arrested for Strangulation, don’t hesitate to call a top Stamford criminal defense lawyer.

    What is Strangulation in the Third Degree?

    The charge of Strangulation 3rd Degree is written up in C.G.S. § 53a-64cc. You can be arrested for Strangulation Third / § 53a-64cc in Stamford if you’re accused of recklessly grabbing another person by the neck or throat, or obstructing their nose or mouth, and impeding their ability to breathe. For more on Connecticut strangulation laws, click here

    Is a Strangulation Arrest Domestic Violence in Connecticut?

    Many times, yes. If the other person involved in your Third-Degree Strangulation arrest is you current or ex-significant other, roommate, or close family member, then Stamford police and prosecutors will consider it to be a domestic violence arrest. In Connecticut, an arrest is considered “domestic violence” when you have that relationship and certain charges, including Strangulation, Disorderly Conduct, Assault, and others. For a detailed overview of domestic violence arrests in Connecticut, follow this link.

    Is Strangulation Third Degree a Felony in Connecticut?

    No – it’s a Class A misdemeanor, meaning that if you are arrested or received a misdemeanor summons / ticket for Strangulation in Stamford, then you have a crime pending against you. The maximum penalties for Strangulation Third / 53a-64cc in Connecticut are one year in jail, a fine of $2,000.00, and a period of probation.

    Do you Need Intent for a Strangulation Third Degree Arrest in Stamford?

    No. The prosecutors do not need to prove that you intentionally grabbed someone’s neck or obstructed his or her breathing. They only need to prove that you did so recklessly.

    What Happens after a Strangulation Third Degree / Domestic Violence Arrest?

    Connecticut courts take domestic violence arrests very seriously. Because of that, you’ll be ordered to appear in Stamford Superior Court the next business day after your arrest for a family relations officer interview. Experienced attorneys know to go with their clients to this interview, because nothing is confidential and everything can be used against you.

    What is a Protective Order in Connecticut?

    Following any Stamford domestic violence arrest / Strangulation arrest, a Stamford court judge will issue a protective order against you, which can limit your contact with the other person and can even force you to move out of your own home. For more on protective order hearings in Stamford, click here.

    Can DCF Show up Unannounced after a Strangulation Arrest?

    If your children are home when you’re arrested for Strangulation in the Third Degree in Connecticut, then you can expect a social worker from the Department of Children & Families to show up at your door within a few days. DCF will want to speak to everyone in the house, including your kids. For tips on how to handle a Stamford DCF Investigation, follow this link.

    Call a Connecticut Strangulation Defense Lawyer Today

    Strangulation Third degree is a serious charge in Connecticut. If you’re arrested for Strangulation or another domestic crime in Stamford, don’t go to Court without the advice and representation of an experienced team of attorneys, who can make sure your case is handled correctly from the beginning. You can read our hundreds of reviews from former clients at and then give us a call today at (203) 358-4700.