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    I Just Got Arrested on Metro North in Connecticut. What Do I Do Now?

    I Just Got Arrested on Metro North in Connecticut. What Do I Do Now?

    For thousands of Connecticut residents and teenagers, taking the Metro North train to New York City – Grand Central Station – is a rite of passage. But for anyone who has taken Connecticut Metro North either in or out of the city, and as any of the best Connecticut Metro North criminal attorneys and lawyers know all too well, there are times when a train ride can be figuratively derailed by an unruly passenger.

    So if you’ve been arrested by Metro North police on any Connecticut train ride, you should understand your rights, and know how to fight your Connecticut Metro North arrest to what will hopefully be a quick dismissal.

    Do Metro North Police Have the Power to Arrest Me in Connecticut?

    Yes. Although the Metro North Police Force is trained by the New York City Police Academy, they are commissioned in the State of Connecticut with authority to conduct investigations, execute search and arrest warrants, and make on-scene arrests when they have probable cause to do so.

    The Metro North Police Force is a substantial law enforcement agency, comprised of over 700 sworn officers, including a Detective Division, Canine Unit, Counterterrorism Unit, and even an Internal Affairs Bureau. They only patrol the Metro North trains, not the New York City subways. So the most important takeaway for someone arrested on Metro North in Stamford, Greenwich or anywhere else in Connecticut is that these officers mean business and have the power to arrest you for any Connecticut felony or misdemeanor.

    The Most Common Arrests on Metro North Connecticut Trains

    The best Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys typically see arrests on Metro North for Disorderly Conduct (CGS 53a-182), Breach of Peace Second Degree (CGS 53a-181), and Interference with Police (CGS 53a-167a) for getting into fights and arguments with other Metro North riders, Metro North conductors or Metro North Police. They also see arrests on Metro North for Possession of Narcotics, Marijuana, and summonses for Possession of Alcohol by a Minor under CGS 30-89.

    Connecticut Fake ID and Forgery / Larceny arrests also are very common on Metro North trains when passengers try to forge monthly pass tickets in their effort to ride the train for free. Finally, too much alcohol from New York City partying can lead to indecent exposure or harassment arrests, especially on the late night trains.

    Getting Your Connecticut Metro North Arrest Dismissed Quickly

    How can you get your Connecticut Metro North arrest dismissed? First, be respectful and polite with the Metro North police no matter how aggressive they get with you. And don’t respond to any of their questions or accusations without first speaking with a top Stamford or New Haven Connecticut Metro North criminal lawyer attorney. Exercise your right to remain silent.

    If the Metro North police have arrested you, then you cannot reverse it during the booking process—you will have ample opportunity to defend yourself in court. And finally, because most of the Metro North trains and stations have video surveillance cameras, talk to your top Connecticut criminal lawyer about whether he or she should file motions with the court to quickly preserve the footage before it gets conveniently overwritten or destroyed, especially if the video is going to assist in your defense.

    Connecticut Metro North Arrests Typically Don’t Get Processed at Police Stations

    Most Metro North arrests in Connecticut get processed either at the Stamford Connecticut Metro North Police substation where you can be fully booked, fingerprinted and photographed. Unlike arrests in New York City, Metro North Police are required to set a bond (also called bail) amount that you can post to be immediately released prior to your court date. If you don’t post bond, then you can be jailed at the Stamford Metro North substation (or sometimes a local police station) overnight and transported to the nearest criminal courthouse on the following business morning for your arraignment. Remember, while you’re being booked or held in custody, anything you say while in Metro North Police custody can be used against you and will likely be recorded, so be very careful not to incriminate yourself.

    Contact a Connecticut Metro North Criminal Lawyer Attorney Today

    So in the unfortunate scenario where your train ride experience does go off the tracks, be prepared for any Connecticut Metro North arrest by calling any of the experienced Metro North Connecticut criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. You can click here to read genuine client reviews posted by our former Metro North arrest clients on the certified review website. Then call us today at (203) 358-4700 for a consultation on how we can help you fight your Metro North Connecticut arrest. We are available 24/7 to take your call.