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    Long Term Consequences of a DUI

    Long Term Consequences of a DUI

    The consequences of a DUI/DWI conviction can create difficulties for your life for years after the conviction itself. The simple decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after a few drinks is costly and has long term effects that impact you personally and professionally.

    Suspended or Revoked License – The DMV often suspends the licenses of drivers convicted of DUI/DWI for a period of months or years. Repeat offenders risk having their driver’s licenses permanently revoked. This loss of mobility creates added expense and hardship for you and your family.

    Even if your license is not suspended, the courts may place restrictions on your driving privileges for a time. You may be restricted to certain hours of the day or a certain radius from your home or place of employment. Some license restrictions only allow driving to and from work and school.

    Criminal Record – A DUI/DWI conviction becomes a part of your permanent criminal record. This record follows you through your lifetime. Employers may not consider you for job opportunities. This mark will appear on any criminal background check you allow and will be considered when decisions are made about you.

    Insurance Rates – A DUI/DWI conviction also has a negative effect on insurance rates for you and your family. You may be disqualified for insurance or, at a minimum, you will be charged a higher rate for the insurance you purchase.

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