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    Should I Fight or Just Pay My Connecticut Marijuana Possession Ticket?

    Should I Fight or Just Pay My Connecticut Marijuana Possession Ticket?

    Is it good news that Connecticut legislators have decriminalized marijuana? Sure, but the change in the law has caused headaches for Connecticut teenagers and their parents.

    As many of the best criminal lawyers in Greenwich, UConn and New Canaan Connecticut know, instead of arresting Connecticut teenagers for Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia, they issue violation and infraction tickets to teenagers and adults who possess less than one-half ounce of marijuana or paraphernalia.

    Which begs the question…should I plead guilty by mail to my Connecticut marijuana possession ticket under CGS 21a-279a? The cops are telling me it’s “no big deal.”

    Pleading Guilty By Mail Results Shows Up on Background Checks for 7 Years!

    For teenagers who get hit with Connecticut marijuana possession tickets, the only thing they are thinking about is “how do I keep this from my parents?” They are thinking about getting grounded, losing their car privileges, or getting their cell phones taken away.

    Don’t be so short-sighted. Tell your parents.

    Why? Because if you plead guilty by mail, the guilty plea (also called a “conviction”) will show up on every single employment background check run on you for the next 7 years—probably the most critical years of your professional life.

    It also shows up on background checks run by auto and life insurance carriers which will directly impact your coverage levels and monthly premium amounts.

    Ask yourself (or your teenager) this question: what financial institution, investment bank, or public company that deals with money is going to choose you over an identical job candidate who doesn’t have a drug conviction? Remember, other states haven’t decriminalized marijuana so Human Resources executives may not even understand that your conviction is not technically a crime in Connecticut. Click here to learn more about how to get your marijuana possession ticket ripped up in court.

    I Pled Guilty By Mail to a Connecticut Marijuana Ticket. Am I Screwed?

    Not necessarily. The good news is that some of the best Stamford, Greenwich and New Canaan Connecticut criminal lawyers / attorneys can actually reverse your guilty plea by mail to Possession of Marijuana. Teenagers don’t realize that pleading guilty by mail in Connecticut to Possession of Marijuana triggers a Connecticut DMV license suspension…that’s usually how your parents find out about your ticket.

    Reversing your guilty plea by mail to Connecticut marijuana possession can be done in limited scenarios, but you need to act quickly. The process involves filing motion papers and a legal brief with the Connecticut Superior Court to argue that you were denied your rights to constitutional due process. If your lawyer is successful, then your guilty plea will be vacated and you will have a chance to fight your Connecticut marijuana possession ticket.

    Click here to read more about reversing your guilty plea by mail to marijuana possession, or call an experienced Connecticut criminal lawyer today.

    Call a Connecticut Marijuana Possession Lawyer Today

    So if you received a Connecticut Possession of Marijuana Ticket under CGS 21a-279a or a Connecticut Possession of Drug Paraphernalia ticket under CGS 21a-267d, then contact the marijuana possession attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today. Whether you pled guilty by mail and want to reverse the damage done, or you just got served with a summons by Connecticut police, give us a call today to discuss your options. Don’t listen to the police who tell you “It’s no big deal.” It is.

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