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    Suing Connecticut Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities for Assault, Rape and Neglect of Your Family Members

    Suing Connecticut Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities for Assault, Rape and Neglect of Your Family Members

    If you have any experience with some of the high-priced, country club style assisted living and nursing home facilities in Fairfield County Connecticut, then you know that despite paying thousands of dollars a day in boarding and service fees, you could nevertheless be provided with sub-par and oftentimes, incompetent staff and assistance. And over the past few years, top Connecticut personal injury lawyers who sue Connecticut nursing homes and assisted living facilities for negligence, or even physical or sexual assaults, have seen a decline in competence and supervision in some of the most reputable facilities. The physical assaults and rapes in these Connecticut assisted living and nursing homes can come from fellow residents, patients or even staff members themselves. Which raises the question…can you hold these big-company, deep-pocketed Connecticut nursing home / assisted living companies financially responsible for the pain and suffering of your loved ones who have been victimized by fellow residents or the nursing home staff?

    Absolutely…in fact, suing these Connecticut nursing homes and assisted living facilities is possibly the only way to effect change and keep other residents and patients safe from similar attacks and neglect. Accountability starts here…

    Keep Photos & a Diary of Your Family Member’s Injuries and Complaints

    As the best Connecticut personal injury law firms who sue nursing homes and assisted living facilities would recommend, you should keep a comprehensive journal of your loved one’s complaints and injuries, including taking photographs of their injuries, as uncomfortable as it might be for you to do. You should also report your complaints by email—being as specific as possible—to the Director of the home or facility, and ask them to confirm receipt of your report back to you by email. Additionally, you should keep a record of each complaint made, as many of the best Connecticut nursing home abuse lawyers and attorney regularly see abuse complaints slip through the cracks or go ignored.

    Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against a Connecticut Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility for Rape, Physical Abuse or Neglect

    When you find out that your mother, father or loved one was physically assaulted, raped, or neglected at a Connecticut nursing home or assisted living facility, your first reaction is a combination of grief, compassion and anger. Know that many of these nursing homes will go into Cover-Your-Ass (“CYA”) mode immediately, directing you to the company’s corporate lawyers, PR people and other talking heads who will try and calm you down with rhetoric of compassion and concern. But take note that they will not talk about accountability. That’s why you need to consult with a top Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut nursing home personal injury law firm which will immediately force the Connecticut nursing home / assisted living facility to preserve digital video surveillance evidence of the incident, and also get the nursing home insurance carriers to get involved immediately and start making you and your victim / loved one whole with a fair money settlement that reflects the severity of the physical or sexual assault. The best Connecticut personal injury law firms who sue Connecticut nursing homes will not tolerate any stall or delay tactics from any Connecticut corporate nursing home conglomerate. They will either settle your case quickly or haul the Connecticut nursing home into court for the assault, rape, sex assault of neglect of your family member.

    Be Sure to Lodge Your Complaints with the Connecticut Long Term Care Ombudsman

    Even if you have hired a top Stamford, Greenwich or Connecticut personal injury lawyer to sue for a nursing home rape or physical abuse case, an additional resource available to families of Connecticut nursing home or assisted living residents is the Connecticut Department of Aging’s Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, which offers a suite of resources and support for people assaulted, raped or neglected by Connecticut nursing homes, Connecticut assisted living facilities, or Connecticut managed residential care facilities. The mission of the Ombudsman’s office is to oversee all of Connecticut’s long term elder care facilities, and make sure they are complying with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. While the Connecticut Ombudsman’s office cannot sue these private agencies on your behalf for money and personal injury damages, they can work with the State of Connecticut Attorney General’s Office to force these private companies to comply with nursing home regulations, or alternatively, work with the AG to revoke applicable licenses and permits to help shut these dangerous places down for good. Just remember that whatever documents or statements you provide to the Ombudsman’s office can be used either for or against you in your personal injury lawsuit for assault, rape and neglect against these Connecticut nursing homes, so be sure to have your top Connecticut personal injury lawyer attorney review your communications in advance of sending them.

    Contact a Personal Injury Nursing Home Assault Attorney at Mark Sherman Law Today

    The team of Connecticut personal injury lawyers at Mark Sherman Law who have sued Connecticut assisted living and nursing homes will fight for you and your family, whether the case involves accusations of rape, physical assault, or general neglect. Our practice areas of criminal and civil litigation provides us with a unique skill set to get the most money damages for you and your family, as we can quickly uncover the criminal conduct, preserve evidence and hold these health care companies and landlords—whether big or small—accountable for their negligence, malaise and misconduct. So if you or your loved one was raped, assaulted or neglected at a Connecticut nursing home or Connecticut assisted living facility, read more about our Connecticut personal injury practice, and contact us today at (203) 358-4700 to understand your rights and collect the money damages you and your family member deserves.