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    Connecticut Victim Representation Lawyer

    As a victim of a crime committed in the State of Connecticut, you have many rights granted to you by Connecticut statutory law, including the right to be treated fairly and with respect by the court process, and the right to be heard at certain points during the criminal case. Many victims of crimes in the Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Wilton, Weston, Fairfield and Bridgeport criminal courts have found it helpful to have legal representation in these criminal cases to not only appear in court and update them on the progress of the case, but also to advocate aggressively for certain results—whether it be jail, probation, restitution, restraining orders, anger management, or drug, alcohol, or other mental health counseling.

    Victim rights and representation are a critical piece to the Mark Sherman Law practice. For over 12 years, we have represented victims in domestic violence cases, murder, rape, assault, and other violent crimes, as well as financial crimes such as embezzlement and fraud. We are not afraid to respectfully challenge judges or prosecutors, and to lean on the system as hard as we can for the best results for our victim clients, whether it be in the form of punishment to the defendant, financial compensation, or even in limited cases—leniency.

    Victim’s Rights and Assistance in Connecticut Domestic Violence Courts

    As a victim in a Connecticut domestic violence case, you will be contacted by the courts to discuss your case and safety with various professionals who work in the court system, including the Victim Advocate’s Office, and the Office of Family Relations. Each of these offices regularly reach out to victims of Connecticut domestic violence crimes in order to check on the victim’s safety, as well as get a sense of what kind of disposition the victim would like to see result in their family member’s criminal case.

    At times, these conversations and decisions with court officials can be very stressful and emotional. Many times, victims will seek the advice of a domestic violence criminal lawyer to help them navigate this process and assist them in making the most appropriate decisions for the family. The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law are often hired by victims to advocate for them in domestic violence cases. As a victim’s attorney, we can fight for tougher restraining orders, as well as stricter conditions of release such as anger management counseling and alcohol and substance abuse evaluation and treatment. We help advocate to keep protective orders and restraining orders in place for as long as possible to give victims the piece of mind and safety they need after a domestic violence arrest in Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport or Bridgeport.

    When Victims Want Leniency

    Alternatively, sometimes families will settle their differences ahead of the domestic violence court schedule and in these cases, victims will want leniency in their family member’s court case, even wanting their protective and restraining orders modified and terminated ahead of the court’s schedule. The domestic violence attorneys at Mark Sherman Law can assist victims in modifying or terminating domestic violence protective orders by filing motions and requesting hearings as soon as possible. We understand the domestic violence court process and can work quickly to make the appropriate motions necessary to get this done.

    Christine Bartlett: Our On-Staff Domestic Violence Advocate

    Mark Sherman Law’s in-house advocate Christine Bartlett, worked in the Connecticut Domestic Violence Court system for over 7 years in victim services. Her experience as an advocate for Mark Sherman Law‘s clients in domestic violence cases has allowed the firm to offer a full array of victim services. Her Criminal Justice degree coupled with her assistance to hundreds of domestic violence victims throughout her career separates Mark Sherman Law from other criminal law firms. For more information on the Firm’s victim advocate services, please contact us today.

    Office of the Victim Advocate & Family Relations

    Once a family member has been arrested, you, as a victim of a domestic violence case, will be contacted by the Office of the Victim Advocate, as well as a Family Relations Counselor. These professionals are required to check up on your safety and also want to know what your position is regarding the criminal case and the restraining orders that have been ordered in your case. While your opinion does not control how the Court or Prosecution proceeds in the case, it is nevertheless given meaningful weight and consideration. Therefore, it is important that you effectively and clearly communicate your position to these professionals in order to protect yourself and your interests. Also, keep in mind that the written and oral statements you give regarding the facts of the criminal case to these professionals may be sought after at some point by the defense lawyers representing the arrested family member. Thus, for all of these reasons, you should consider calling a Connecticut domestic violence criminal lawyer to assist you in your role as a victim.

    Additional Services for Victims – Financial Restitution & Civil Suits

    One unique service the attorneys at Mark Sherman Law offer to crime victims is the ability to seek financial compensation from those who have been arrested. Reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical and other expenses, lost wages, and compensation for damage to property can be recovered in the criminal courts in certain circumstances. Payment for pain, suffering and future pain and suffering can also be sought through the civil courts. Knowing how, when and where a victim can recover these amounts can be tricky. The lawyers at Mark Sherman Law are skilled at aggressively going after criminal defendants in the criminal and civil courts in Connecticut with one goal in mind: to get you, the victim, the most satisfaction as well as the most money possible, and appropriate.

    As mentioned above, we often file civil lawsuits against those who have been arrested for injuring our clients who are victims in Connecticut criminal courts. These cases are especially effective in financial crimes where our clients have been victims to embezzlement and financial fraud crimes. We look hard at the defendant’s financial profiles to see how we can recover our client’s losses—often triggering coverage from insurance policies and freezing assets of the defendant, including their bank accounts and home equity. While these may seem aggressive, they are necessary remedies to undo the injustice done to our clients and ensure that they will eventually be made whole by those who have committed crimes against them.

    Additionally, when certain crimes are committed, the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law can work with the State of Connecticut’s Office of Victim Services to apply for State funds reserved for crime victims. We can assist you with this application process and work with you and your family to recover as much money as possible.

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    If you are a victim of a violent, domestic violence, or financial crime in Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, New Canaan, Darien, Westport, Wilton, Weston, Fairfield or Bridgeport, please call an attorney at Mark Sherman Law to learn how we can help you. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.