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    The Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting a 14-219 Stamford Speeding Ticket

    The Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting a 14-219 Stamford Speeding Ticket

    As Labor Day approaches, so do local Greenwich and Stamford holiday weekend speed traps, which means more 14-219 and 14-218a speeding tickets in Stamford, Greenwich and Darien. Same goes for cell phone tickets in Stamford and Greenwich under 14-296aa. While we usually recommend hiring a top Stamford speeding ticket lawyer to help you fight your ticket, we are always looking for ways to help our readers avoid getting a Stamford speeding ticket or Greenwich cell phone ticket before the need for a lawyer even arises.

    So here they are…the top 5 ways to avoid getting a Greenwich or Stamford speeding ticket or cell phone / texting while driving ticket…

    1. Kill the ticket with kindness.

    Many drivers don’t know this, but speed trap cops have wide and absolute discretion over giving you a ticket or giving you a warning. So in reality, there are those few critical minutes between the time you get pulled over and the time the officer writes you a ticket that the officer can decide whether or not to just issue you a written or verbal warning for 14-219 Speeding or 14-296aa Cell Phone / Texting while Driving. Getting a 14-219 Stamford or Darien Speeding ticket or a 14-218a Stamford or Darien Traveling Unreasonably fast ticket can therefore depend on those first few minutes or interactions with the police officer who pulls you over. Therefore, we always advise our clients of the following:

    (1) Be nice and courteous to the officer even if the Stamford speeding ticket officer is being hostile or aggressive with you;

    (2) Answer all of the questions they ask you with “yes officer” or “no officer”;

    (3) Do not argue with the officer under any circumstances; and

    (4) Consider apologizing for the conduct without admitting to a specific speed.

    Even if the officer issues a ticket to you, realize that they usually document your attitude in their report. They make these notations so the Stamford traffic prosecutors and Stamford traffic court judge can be put on notice whether or not to give you a break in court, so be sure to keep your cool even if the officer issues you a Stamford speeding ticket under 14-219 or 14-218a.

    2. Don’t waste any time – pull over immediately.

    Ask any of the best Stamford and Greenwich speeding ticket lawyers…the one thing that drives traffic cops crazy is when a driver refuses to pull over and makes an officer chase them through traffic. We see this a lot when drivers hope that the officers will just give up on them or go away if they just keep driving. In fact, it’s just the opposite. This enrages police officers. If you don’t pull over immediately, then you could be arrested in Stamford or Greenwich for Engaging Police in Pursuit under CGS 14-223. Depending on the circumstances you can be charged with the felony or misdemeanor subdivision of this crime. So bottom line…pull over!

    3. Think twice before you name-drop.

    Many of the top Stamford speeding ticket lawyers and attorneys have seen cases where their clients get pulled over and start rattling off names of police officers they know in Stamford or Greenwich. No one likes name-droppers, even on the roads during a Stamford speeding ticket traffic stop. Remember Stamford has nearly 300 police officers—Greenwich half of that, and Darien about 60 sworn officers. As in any business, family, or office, not everyone is a fan of everyone else. So don’t automatically think that because you know someone in the Stamford, Greenwich or Darien Police Departments, the traffic officer issuing you a 14-219 Speeding ticket or 14-296aa Cell Phone ticket is going to reverse course and let you go. Bottom line: name drop at your own risk—it could actually make things worse.

    4. Support your local police union / Stamford or Greenwich Silver Shield association.

    Supporting your local police department is never quid pro quo. This means that police departments don’t promise you any favors or special consideration if you support them or any of their charities. However, there is a great deal of good will that you can gain in your community for supporting local police departments and their charities. And just think about it…there’s probably a good reason why some police charitable organizations send you decals to mount on your windshield. Some departments in our area have established not-for-profit charitable organizations to support officers in need of financial assistance or local sports leagues and teams. Greenwich Connecticut has established the Silver Shield Association (click here to learn more how you can support this organization). In Stamford Connecticut, residents and citizens can support the Stamford Police Athletic League (click here to learn more). Many times when you donate to these organizations, you will receive a decal or sticker to put on your windshield as a “thank you” from police for supporting their charities. Traffic officers notice these decals or stickers when they are considering whether to write you a 14-219 Stamford speeding ticket, Greenwich 14-296aa cell phone ticket or Stamford 14-218a Traveling Unreasonably Fast ticket. The hope is that if these Stamford or Greenwich police officers have some discretion, then they will give you a break by just giving you a warning or a reduced motor vehicle infraction charge.

    5. Use those first few minutes when you’re pulled over to contact a top Stamford speeding ticket lawyer.

    Once you get pulled over, you actually have a few minutes to do some research while the police run your plates and do a quick background check on your motor vehicle. Use that time to check the internet or call a top Stamford or Greenwich speeding ticket lawyer for tips on how to handle the traffic stop. You can use that time however you’d like and if you think you may be drunk or have illegal contraband in the car, it would be worth a quick phone call or search on the internet to learn how you can protect yourself.

    Contact a Stamford Speeding / Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer Today

    So there you have it—5 quick tips on how to avoid a speeding ticket or cell phone ticket. For those of you who are not so lucky and end up getting a Greenwich or Stamford speeding ticket, call one of the Connecticut cell phone and speeding ticket lawyers attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today. Don’t let your auto insurance rates skyrocket or Connecticut driver’s license get suspended because of one mistake on the road. Our rates are competitive and we’re focused on only one result: getting your ticket ripped up and dismissed. Give us a call today at (203) 358-4700.