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    Uber Connecticut Now Hiring Drivers with Criminal Conviction Records

    Uber Connecticut Now Hiring Drivers with Criminal Conviction Records

    At the very end of last year, Uber Connecticut quietly made an announcement that has provided a boon to struggling drivers with criminal conviction records. At the same time, it’s sure to give Fairfield County parents second thoughts before they put their teenage kids in a Connecticut Uber car.

    The announcement?

    Uber Connecticut will now allow people with certain nonviolent criminal conviction records to drive in Connecticut, and many of the top Connecticut criminal law firms who defend and represent Uber drivers are applauding the decision as long overdue.

    Uber Connecticut Relaxes Its Background Check Policies in Late 2015

    Parents of teenagers in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich and New Canaan Connecticut (including yours truly) have often permitted their kids to shuttle around the county in an Uber. Time and again, the convenience and safety factors have outweighed the concerns of putting your child in a car with a complete stranger.

    And as any of the best Connecticut Uber criminal lawyers and attorneys who fight criminal cases on behalf of Connecticut Uber drivers know, these drivers are typically honest, hard-working and courteous drivers who take pride in their driving skills, work ethic, professionalism, and of course, their clean car.

    I assume that’s why Uber has relaxed its policies and are now allowing drivers with certain misdemeanor convictions to get hired. They have embraced the fact that people screw up, and that convicts can learn from these mistakes, rehabilitate themselves, and persevere to build successful careers. In connection with Uber Connecticut’s announcement, Joe Sullivan, Uber’s chief security officer, told the Hartford Courant that he was hearing from drivers that the list of crimes disqualifying a Connecticut Uber driver was “over-broad.”

    There’s Always 100% Accountability with Uber Connecticut

    Most of you know how it works. Unlike a taxi ride or gypsy cab ride, Uber immediately provides you with a digital footprint of exactly who is driving your teenager. You have their name, photo, car make & model, license plate, and you know—and just as importantly, the Connecticut Uber driver knows—that Uber Technologies has the driver’s complete contact information in its database. So there’s 100 percent accountability, which usually keeps everyone honest and professional—even the Connecticut Uber passengers who can be more likely than the driver to act out of turn if they are drunk, high or acting out.

    What Kind of Criminal Convictions Can a Connecticut Uber Driver Have?

    According to reports…mostly minor misdemeanor offenses such as harassment, criminal mischief, vandalism, interference with police / resisting arrest (CGS 53a-167a), passing a bad check, prostitution and other petty larceny and theft cases.

    Understanding & Supporting Uber Connecticut’s New Background Check Policy

    Critics of Uber Connecticut’s new background check policy claim that many of these crimes go hand in hand with other illegal activity such as drugs and violent conduct. In fact, a bunch of slick Uber competitors / haters got together and created a website called “WHOSDRIVINGYOU.ORG” – which aggregates arrest reports on Uber drivers.

    Don’t be fooled by this anti-Uber propaganda and smear tactic. As any of the best Connecticut Uber criminal lawyers frequently point out, these are just arrest reports, not conviction reports, and much to the disappointment of online news websites who regularly smear people who get arrested with sensational mug shot photos and grabby headlines, there is still a presumption of innocence of people who get arrested in this country.

    That means just because you’ve been arrested for a violent or felony crime in Connecticut does NOT mean you are guilty of it. In fact, any of the best criminal lawyers in Greenwich, Westport or Stamford Connecticut typically know that people are generally NOT convicted for the crimes for which they are arrested.

    Contact a Connecticut Criminal Uber Lawyer Attorney Today

    So if you are a Connecticut parent who has questions about a Connecticut Uber driver, or you are a Connecticut Uber driver who has been wrongfully arrested, then call one of the Connecticut criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. We have been representing Connecticut Uber drivers since Uber came to Connecticut in 2014 and know how critical protecting your Connecticut or New York driver’s license is to your livelihood. For more information on our firm, click here to see our certified reviews. Then give us a call at (203) 358-4700 for a consultation. We are available 24/7 to take your call.