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    Understanding a Probation Violation in Connecticut

    Understanding a Probation Violation in Connecticut

    If you have been charged with your first offense or you are guilty of a misdemeanor, then you may be given probation instead of jail time for your crime. It is very important to never take probation lightly. If you are in violation of it, then you could face serious repercussions. Don’t expect just a slap on the wrist for your violation. You could actually face jail time. If you have never been on probation before, then you need to understand all of the parameters so that you don’t accidentally find yourself in Connecticut probation violation.

    The Two Types of Probation Violation

    Keep in mind that there are two types of violations: technical and second offense. You need to understand each of these so that you don’t make a mistake during your sentenced probation.

    Technical Violations

    These offenses usually include missing a meeting with your probation officer, not going to court appointed counseling, or missing some other important legal appointment. These are usually considered minor compared to the other type of violations. In your first offense, you probably will only receive a warning from the probation officer. However, if you continue to commit technical violations, you could have to go before the judge and you may even face short jail time.

      Second Offense Violations

      Second offense violations are extremely serious and can cause you a great deal of trouble. These refer to committing a second crime while you are still on probation. You will be charged with the crime that you have just committed, but that’s not all. Additionally, you could receive jail time from your probation violation as well.

      No matter what, the violations are serious, and you can’t just brush them off. If you do, you could face jail time, you could have your probation extended, or you could face other penalties. You certainly don’t want to make a mistake and commit a probation violation. If you do, though, then you need to hire a professional defense attorney with the right experience and skill to represent your case before a judge.

      If you find yourself in violation of your probation, you will most likely be assigned a hearing before a judge. You don’t need to face that hearing alone. Instead, you need to contact the Law Offices of Mark Sherman.

      We offer a team of well-trained staff who can work for you during your hearing and case if you commit a Connecticut probation violation. Our staff is available to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You don’t have to wait until the business week to call us and get legal representation. The Law Offices of Mark Sherman is a bilingual team, working with clients who speak English or Spanish. The team is trained on probation violation cases and can help to defend clients and seek the best possible outcome from the situation.