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    What Happens When Connecticut DCF Shows Up at Your Door During Coronavirus COVID-19 Quarantine?

    What Happens When Connecticut DCF Shows Up at Your Door During Coronavirus COVID-19 Quarantine?
    • Even during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, CT’s Department of Children & Families is working.
    • If DCF accepts a report, its workers still need to contact you and your kids within days.
    • Any of the best DCF attorneys can help protect your family from strangers unnecessarily entering your home.
    • If you’re contacted by Connecticut DCF during COVID-19, get in touch with a top CT DCF attorney

    What is Connecticut DCF?

    The Department of Children and Families is in charge of investigating allegations of abuse or neglect against parents and caregivers, giving services to families, and – in some cases – initiating neglect petitions or removal proceedings in court. For more on how Connecticut DCF operates, follow this link.

    Will Connecticut DCF Start New Investigations during Covid-19?

     Yes. Investigations will start as they typically do: A mandated reporter makes a report of suspected abuse or neglect to DCF’s hotline or careline. Once DCF accepts the report, it will assign a social worker to come out to your home, typically within 72 hours and will surprise you. So, you might not even be aware that DCF is investigating you and your family until they are at your front door.

    Is Connecticut DCF Open during the Covid-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak?

    Yes. The best Connecticut DCF defense lawyers know that DCF is still up and running, and conducting its regular investigations. That means DCF will want to interview you and any other adult living with you, speak to each of your kids, contact your kids’ medical providers and schools, and get information from any counselor or therapists you see. For tips on how to handle a CT DCF investigation, check out this article.

    Will DCF try to See my Children during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic?

    Yes. They are required to lay eyes on your kids. Depending on how old your children are, DCF may even insist on seeing them weekly, even during quarantine. A DCF attorney can help protect you by requesting DCF visits by Facetime, Skype, or Zoom during Covid-19 quarantine.

    Do I have to let DCF in my Home during Coronavirus Quarantine?

    No, but your lawyer should negotiate the terms of the interview. This is where an experienced Connecticut defense lawyer can help. Procedures are changing at a rapid pace, but in many cases, top DCF attorneys are working hard to coordinate electronic and remote meetings on behalf of their clients, and to protect them and their families.

    Can I Appeal a Connecticut DCF Substantiation during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

    Yes, you can. If you receive a Notice of Substantiation from Connecticut DCF, you can still challenge it by submitting your appeal paperwork. While in-person hearings are temporarily suspended during COVID-19, you may have the option to postpone or have a remote hearing. For information on how a lawyer can help you appeal your DCF findings / substantiation, click here.

    Call a Top Connecticut DCF Lawyer Today

    A DCF investigation into you and your family is stressful enough, even when it’s not during a global pandemic like Covid-19. Get someone on your side who can protect you not only from DCF overreach, but who can help keep people out of your home during quarantine. The DCF lawyers at Mark Sherman Law is open during the coronavirus outbreak, and its team of experienced DCF attorneys is ready to help. Read all of our past client reviews at Then give us a call today at (203) 358-4700.