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    What is a Connecticut Probation Violation?

    What is a Connecticut Probation Violation?

    Probation is usually only available for misdemeanor offenses or first time offenders and often involves some strict rules. You must follow these rules while you are on probation. If you break the rules, then you will be charged with a probation violation and may face severe consequences – possibly even heavy fines or jail time.

    Probation violations take two forms. One is considered a technical violation. Technical violations are things like failing to meet with your probation officer when you are scheduled or missing a court-mandated counseling session. Your probation officer will often handle any technical violations. On a first violation, you might get a warning. Frequent or more serious technical violations will probably cause your probation officer to request a hearing. At the hearing the judge will set a punishment for the violation including possibly a short jail stay.

    The second form of probation violation involves a second offense. If you break the law while you are on probation, you are in a serious amount of trouble. Not only will you face criminal charges for the new crime, you will also face a probation violation hearing that may result in a jail sentence.

    If you or a loved one is facing probation violation charges in Connecticut, then contact the Law Offices of Mark Sherman immediately. We can work with you to understand the situation and advocate on your behalf. Our team of defense attorneys is dedicated to protecting your rights and will work to get the best possible outcome in your situation.