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    Bridgeport Domestic Violence Arrests

    Bridgeport domestic violence arrests may involve allegations of a wide variety of crimes, some more serious than others. It is wise to take any charge seriously and work with a top domestic violence lawyer to preserve your future.

    Am I Required to Meet with Family Relations?

    Most domestic violence cases require the person arrested to meet with a Family Relations Officer at the court on the date of your first appearance. When the officer conducts an interview, they are evaluating the risk posed by the individual accused of domestic violence. The officer will then provide the judge with a recommendation regarding the home and family situation.

    The person accused of a domestic violence offense should remain aware that statements made to the Family Relations Officer may not be kept confidential and may be used against them. An experienced attorney could provide advice as to how to handle questioning in a manner best calculated to lead to a positive outcome.

    Where Does Someone Appear for Court After an Arrest?

    After a domestic violence arrest in Bridgeport, the individual charged will be required to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court. Often, an appearance is ordered for the day following the arrest.

    The court is likely to issue a protective order that will stay in effect until the criminal proceedings conclude. To learn more about protective orders, click here. In court, the person accused will also have to plead guilty or not guilty, and the judge will determine the conditions of release. The recommendations of the Family Relations Officer may have a significant impact on these decisions. The individual accused will have the opportunity to make statements in defense, or to have legal counsel argue on their behalf.

    When Is a Crime Considered Domestic Violence?

    The state criminal statutes do not describe a specific crime of domestic violence. Police and courts treat many different types of offenses as domestic violence if they involve two or more people in a family or household relationship. These include incidents involving spouses, former spouses, dating partners, any relatives, couples who parented a child, or people who currently or formerly lived together.

    Assistance After Bridgeport Domestic Violence Arrests

    If you are dealing with the aftermath of a Bridgeport domestic violence arrest, a consultation with a domestic violence defense lawyer is strongly advised. Regardless of whether you seek legal counsel or proceed on your own, however, make sure you understand your rights and how to protect those rights. Call Mark Sherman Law today to learn more.