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    Benefits of a Connecticut Disorderly Conduct Lawyer


    After an arrest for disorderly conduct in Connecticut, it is wise to consult a dedicated and skilled defense attorney. The benefits of having an experienced legal advocate by your side are plenty and could even result in your case being dismissed.

    How Can an Attorney Help Protect My Rights?

    One of the key advantages a disorderly conduct lawyer in Connecticut can provide is an awareness of how to protect your rights. While the criminal justice system contains provisions that help ensure that you are treated as innocent until proven guilty, many people unwittingly take actions or make statements that forfeit those protections.

    Legal representation can help prevent critical errors right from the start of a case. Individuals accused generally have the right to consult an attorney before answering questions, and it is often wise to take advantage of that opportunity. A Connecticut disorderly conduct attorney could prove beneficial by explaining your rights to you and help to make sure they are respected.

    Can A Legal Professional Build a Defense?

    Another critical benefit provided by a Connecticut disorderly conduct lawyer is the ability to collect and preserve evidence to refute the charges. Under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-182, you can be found guilty of disorderly conduct for committing certain actions performed with the intent of causing annoyance or alarm or with reckless disregard as to the likelihood of producing such a reaction.

    Fortunately, a Connecticut attorney can prove beneficial by reviewing police records and seeking out to refute the allegations of disorderly conduct. It may be possible to challenge an assertion or show that there is not enough evidence of conduct to support a conviction. A review of the evidence may also reveal procedural errors that could also provide grounds for defense.

    How Do Defense Teams Help with Protective Orders?

    In many disorderly conduct cases, particularly those in domestic violence situations, the courts may issue a civil or criminal protective order. An attorney can work to seek less burdensome terms in an order. A disorderly conduct attorney could also help ensure that you understand any and all restrictions from a Connecticut protective order to avoid any violations which would lead to separate and additional felony charges.

    What Can Be Done to Minimize Consequences of a Conviction?

    Overall, the assistance provided by a Connecticut disorderly conduct attorney is aimed at a single objective – to minimize the negative consequences from a charge of disorderly conduct. An attorney may be able to have a case dismissed or prosecution stopped, but there are other ways to reach a positive outcome in a case as well.

    It may be possible to negotiate an alternative penalty that involves minimal expense and inconvenience and, most importantly, avoids putting a criminal conviction on the record. An attorney can also assist with having charges expunged from the record so that the arrest is no longer visible to potential employers, landlords, and other conducting background searches. Of course, avoiding a conviction also removes the potential fines and incarceration that could result from a conviction.

    Learn More About the Benefits of a Connecticut Disorderly Conduct Attorney

    The benefits of a Connecticut disorderly conduct lawyer can be surprising because this seemingly minor offense has the potential for serious disruptive consequences. An attorney could not only help you avoid imprisonment and heavy fines, but also reduce many other potential negative effects. Reach out to Mark Sherman Law for the help you need today.